When you desperately need advice around HR issues, you go to a specialist HR Consultant. But when you already are an employment relations specialist, where can you turn to solve your own internal HR issues? For Australia’s leading specialist in the field of workplace regulations, Employsure, the answer was simple – HR technology.

We’re not joking when we say Employsure are HR experts, by the way – they were named Australian Growth Company of the Year award in 2015, having now surpassed 300 employees, and they’ve been listed by Human Resource Director as one of the most innovative HR teams in the country.

So what HR problems could possibly face a leading workplace relations specialist?

Michael Morris_922 (1)“Employsure is one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. We onboard every fortnight and can have up to 20 people join at one time…” explains Michael Morris, Talent Manager at Employsure.

Even though fast growth can seem like a dream come true to any business, it can be incredibly difficult to manage – especially when it comes to HR. Onboarding one employee a fortnight is easy for one HR person to do on top of their other responsibilities, but what do you do when you need to onboard 20 a fortnight? You can’t exactly hire 19 more people for the HR team to manage the additional onboards (as lovely as that would be)!

The question was simple: how can we make HR capable of managing more onboards?

“[A]n offer and onboarding experience that allowed us to track all of the relevant documentation prior to start date was required. We had too much dependence on one person making sure everything went out and was returned prior to new joiners coming on board,” says Michael, no stranger to minimising HR risks. The old processes were “[V]ery manual and time consuming…very prone to human error. There was a deep dependence on individual administrators making sure all bases were covered.”

12940705_242996166054082_2034308273_nThe Employsure team knew they needed to automate and systemise the onboarding process to:

a) make onboarding faster, with less human input required and

b) ensure compliance as the team grew.


12531032_225933121110556_129139818_nChoosing the right employee onboarding software

Michael knew the most important consideration when choosing a solution really had nothing to do with either of these points. Most onboarding tools reduce (to varying levels of success) the time required to hire new employees, and the Employsure team already had the knowledge and expertise to make sure they were only considering systems that would be legally compliant for onboarding in Australia.

What mattered most was the user experience for the new hire. “The user experience was fantastic, both from our end and the candidate end, which was the utmost of priority. When I demo’d [HROnboard] I asked myself ‘If I was a candidate, would I find the process easy to follow?’ but more importantly ‘What would I feel about the company using such a system’, and both answers were very positive.”

Of course, there were other benefits that helped make the decision easier for Michael and the Employsure team. “The price was reasonable and the ability to track all documents electronically, without any form of paper, was a big draw card as we operate a 100% paperless office.” A lot of our customers have similar feedback. No one wants paperwork if it can be avoided!


Managing the shift to the new, automated onboarding process

Because Michael and the Employsure team had done their research and were well prepared, they had no troubles transforming their employee onboarding with HROnboard.

“The journey was very quick. We already had a very detailed documentation process around what went out to who, so it was just a matter of converting all of the documentation into the appropriate format and uploading it.”

The key to Employsure’s success was their commitment to making a change. By having employee onboarding software implementation as a dedicated project, it was implemented fast, it met all requirements and above all it made a big difference to the HR team.

The final words from Michael about HROnboard says it all, “We continue to grow incredibly fast. We were able to reduce our overall administrative burden considerably, but more importantly, there was no compliance risk of a new joiner coming on board without all appropriate documentation completed.” Having one less compliance burden to worry about (plus a much better experience for HR and new hires) is something we could all appreciate.


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