How to tell if your onboarding isn’t good enough (And What You Can Do About It)

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There are some great resources out there about building amazing onboarding experiences.  But what is the standard and how do we benchmark onboarding?

We challenged ourselves to find out.

The Paperless Employee Onboarding Benchmark Report, conducted by HROnboard reviewed a sample of 26,800 new employee onboards sent in 2017 from companies across Australia and New Zealand.

The results are amazing to see, compare and analyse. 

Then we realised there are still so many employees out there facing a mundane (or poor) onboarding experience. So we decided to share with you the benchmark for onboarding – it has now been set. Not by us, but by recruitment, HR and P&C teams a lot like you.









Here’s a sneak peek at the stats we explore: 

  • Offer creation and acceptance is taking a median time of 1.4 days to complete
  • The top 25% of Australian and New Zealand businesses are completing all of this in less than 7.7 hours!
  • Candidates are embracing mobile technology, with 40% of new starters accepting their contract on their mobile device
  • Tuesdays are the best day to send a job offer to secure a candidate’s quick response, Fridays are the worst
  • 89% of new starters feedback is rated positively


So what are these HR teams doing with their time…apart from securing the best talent in lightning speed?  

Their new frontier is engagement. Ensuring new starters stay with them (longer), are productive before day one, grow with the company and are driving to continually improve their onboarding experience.


It can be challenging to articulate the business benefit of automating manual, labour intensive practices in HR. 

In particular, measuring the impact of employee onboarding. Our hope is that you use this evidence to prove the business case for improving your employee onboarding. 

Get your free copy of the full Report and check out what’s now considered the benchmark of onboarding in 2018.