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HR Tech Fest 2014It’s been a great couple of weeks for the HROnboard team. Most notably, we’ve been at HR Tech Fest in Sydney to spread the word about employee onboarding software. The response was overwhelmingly positive!

Candidate onboarding is starting to gain a lot of attention in HR circles. When I first joined the HROnboard Team 12 months ago, employee onboarding and particularly employee onboarding software were new concepts to many HR professionals I spoke with.

This week has shown what a difference 12 months makes, with onboarding now a hot topic and key focus area for Australia’s leading HR teams.

HR Tech Fest was a great opportunity to introduce new people to the concept of employee onboarding software, find out the latest HR Tech news and see some cool products.

More importantly, it was a great opportunity for us to speak with businesses large and small about what their biggest HR issues are.

The three most common themes we came across were; saving HR’s time through automation; creating a paperless workplace and my old favourite – improving the candidate experience. As you can expect, everyone was pretty excited when we showed them HROnboard’s ability to streamline tax and super form and integrate with their existing payroll systems!

We’ve known of these issues for a while now – which is why we created HROnboard in the first place! – but it’s interesting to hear the real-world effects paperless employee onboarding software can have.

We’ve also come up with some great new ideas to build on and improve HROnboard based on everyone’s feedback, so a big thank you to anyone we spoke to over the conference!

If you didn’t get a chance to chat with us during the conference or you weren’t able to attend, feel free to contact us to arrange a personal demo of HROnboard and share your experiences and concerns around employee onboarding.

 With Anne at the HROnboard Kiosk.

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