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With all of the festivities in Rio now over, it’s going to be four years until we’ll see the next batch of Gold Medal teams performing in their areas of athletic expertise.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from these elite athletes to build our own Gold Medal teams in the office!

Here’s the hiring secrets that will take your team from Bronze to Gold in no time:

© Sport the library/Bill Bachman Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games Australian (AUS) fans in green and gold cheering

© Sport the library/Bill Bachman
Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games
Australian (AUS) fans in green and gold cheering

Know your culture and hire for it

As we say at HROnboard, we’re a star team – not a team of stars.

Getting a group of high performers is important, but it’s even more important that they are able to work together and feed off of each other to improve their performance.

This isn’t a license to hire a bunch of people who are all identical, however. Instead, define the core values you need from your team and ensure any new hires also hold these values in their own way. For example, our 3 core values are:

  • Apply a disciplined approach
  • Always innovate and improve
  • Be passionate, honest and fun

Most of the time, if a new hire holds these 3 values, they’ll get on really well with the rest of the team and make a positive impact.

There’s also a bunch of smaller cultural considerations to take into account (for example, a misogynistic, racist, violent worker may hold all of these values but they’re clearly still not a good addition to the team!), so that’s where probation periods, reviews and screening processes need to be utilised.


MatildasCreate an engaging, effective onboarding process

Finding Gold medalists is only part of the challenge. Getting them onboarded, settled into the culture and comfortable in their new role is where many organisations drop the baton.

Using automated employee onboarding software like HROnboard will significantly speed up the process and make it more engaging for your new hires, but it’s up to you to make sure that onboarding experience remains positive throughout the first 90 days as a bare minimum.

Introduce them to the team, work out career plans and above all get the new hire into their work as soon as possible (it means you’ll get faster results from the employee, but it will help them by giving them focus and purpose in the difficult first few weeks).


2012_Olympic_field_hockey_team_AustraliaInvest in training, development and succession planning

It’s not enough to hire a star and expect them to just bring in Gold Medals for your team. Every top performer has a great coach and support network to help them achieve their goals.

Despite the cost and effort required, the only way you’re going to get Gold Medal results is to similarly invest in your new hires. Not only will this help their performance, it’ll increase their job satisfaction and make sure them more likely to stick around in the longer term.

Remember that you can start training before Day 1 – employees are typically at the highest levels of engagement when they’re first offered a job, so it’s the perfect time to start training them up.


When the time comes, offboard and offboard well

You’re never going to hang onto all of your Gold Medalists forever. If they’re truly goal-driven, top performers, sooner or later you’re going to run out of things to challenge them with.

When that time comes, make sure you offboard them fairly and encourage them to keep in touch.

Why is this relevant for hiring? With more and more top performers moving between companies, the likelihood of them coming back to work for you later on in their careers is higher than ever. Giving a proper farewell to your Gold Medalists will make them all that more likely to come back when the time is right, and it will also make them more likely to recommend you to all their Gold Medalist contacts as an awesome place to work.


To summarise:

  1. Work out your core values and hire based on them
  2. Onboard your the new hires effectively
  3. Train, coach and mentor
  4. When the time comes, give a proper farewell

and you’ll be raking in Gold Medals in no time!

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