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Fast, Online Offer Management

Keep track of every offer at a glance. See what stage the offer is at and who is responsible for it to avoid delays.


HROnboard is always up to date with your local hiring requirements (Aus, NZ, US & UK), making it simple for you to collect all the necessary information and forms to hire in your country.

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Automate your onboarding checklist

Make sure your new hires are ready for Day 1 by setting them specific onboarding tasks. Complete training courses, update LinkedIn profiles - the possibilities are endless.


HROnboard even allows you to setup notifications and tasks for your provisioning team (IT, Payroll, Security) to make sure you're fully prepared for your new hire's first day.

Onboarding Checklist Example

Engage Your Employees

Connect to your payroll/HRIS using one of our standard adapter for SAP, ADP, Frontier & more.


You can even integrate HROnboard with your recruitment software using our open REST APIs for a truly seamless employee onboarding experience.


And don't forget our 3rd party plug-ins - we integrate with Google maps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack and more out of the box.

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Update contracts and policies for your existing team members.


Easily manage promotions, contract re-issues and internal transfers without having to print a single page.


With full visibility over all of your automated crossboarding activities, you'll never have to worry about chasing signatures again.

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Offboard your departing employees in an organised, fair and compliant manner.


Recover company assets, provide all the required exit documentation and above all, give your employees the farewell they deserve.


You can even invite your exiting employees to connect to an alumni network to encourage future collaboration.

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Awesome Employee Onboarding Experiences - Guaranteed

Creating a great new hire experience makes a world of difference to employee engagement and turnover.

We're so focussed on providing an awesome onboarding experience, we ask all new hires to review HROnboard at the end of the offer acceptance process and pass that feedback straight to you.

  • Fantastic to be able to complete online - very user friendly.


    - Carsales New Hire
  • Smooth, streamlined and thorough. Took away the stress of starting a new position.


    - Community Solutions New Hire
  • This was the smoothest recruitment process I've experienced and hope this is a good sign of things to come working for HIF!


    - HIF New Hire

Fantastic to be able to complete online - very user friendly.


- Carsales New Hire

HROnboard for your industry

  • Cut the cost of onboarding new hires

  • Onboard seasonal staff fast

  • No more manual paperwork

Hospitality & Tourism
  • Onboard employees all over the world

  • Much faster time to hire

  • Give your new hires a great welcome

  • Renew contracts with one click

  • Send job offers for manager review

  • Reduce onboarding admin costs

  • Simple, easy job offer acceptance

  • Compliant, paperless onboarding

  • Reduced time to productivity

  • Legally compliant onboarding

  • Low cost employee onboarding

  • Give an awesome welcome

  • No more manual paperwork

  • Onboard first choice candidates fast

  • Compliant onboarding & offboarding

Onboarding for Labour Hire & Temp Agencies

When your job is placing staff, you need to be able to do it fast.


Our built-in functionality is perfect for making sure your staff are placed quickly, effectively and productively every single time.

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