Simplify internal hiring processes, contracts, and policy acceptance for your entire organisation with our simple, intuitive workflow.

In one platform you can rehire your existing staff members, reissue contracts and policies to your team and manage internal transfers of employees to new roles.
Enjoy an easier process for you and your employees by recording electronic acceptance, and save your team hours of administrative effort.


We know you don’t need to recapture all information from an existing employee, so our ‘Crossboarding’ workflow is streamlined to ensure all your employees accept their new contracts, fast.

Manage Bulk Changes
Automated Workflows

Audit Trail

Record document acceptance inside your employee's Offer File for easy future reference. That way, you can find out who has or hasn't accepted documents from one centralised dashboard.

Transfers & Promotions
Upload Your Own Documents
Contract Updates
Dynamic Contract Builder
Manage Your Forms

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