Welcome Programs

Empower your team leaders and new hires to connect and collaborate with our customised, best-practice induction programs.

By encouraging cross-team collaboration through activities, missions, meet-ups and tasks, you’ll make sure your new starters feel welcome and empowered faster than ever.
Our engaging, interactive induction programs will help reduce employee turnover and time to productivity with ease.

Discover The 5 Pillars Of Great Onboarding

Engage Before Day 1

Start your induction program the minute your new employee accepts their contract - when they're at their highest level of engagement. Not only will they get inducted sooner, but they'll be far less likely to consider any competing job offers.

Team Welcome
Modern, mobile communication

Pre-Built Induction Programs

Choose from leading industry induction programs for a simple, effective induction, then customise the whole process to your business requirements.
From an out-of-the-box solution to a fully tailored individual program, there’s an induction program for every employee.

Program Monitoring
Induction Activities
Personalised Content
Communicate Vital Information

Analytics & Reporting

Collect valuable information from your new hires during the induction process to improve time to productivity, reduce employee turnover and increase engagement.
Sophisticated anaytics and reporting tools help you understand the best way to onboard new employees.

Tours & Missions
Feedback and Surveys

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