New Employee Welcomes

Create amazing new starter welcome experiences before day one and beyond.

Our engaging, interactive induction journeys help reduce employee turnover and time to productivity with ease.

A welcome as unique as your new starters

A virtual buddy for your new hires
Avoid information overload with time based updates
New starter personalisation

Experience a new starter welcome with HROnboard

Centralised platform for new starter inductions

Customised induction programs at speed
Engage new starters before day one
Manage induction tasks
Communicate vital information
Schedule meet ups
Monitor engagement and activity

Team Onboarding: Buddies & Team Leaders

Personalised welcome messages
Automatic, timely prompts for team leaders
Scheduling real life experiences

Learn from the best, create amazing new starter experiences

Default program to get started
Real-time engagement indicators
Onboarding best practice, tips and guides