HROnboard Partner Program

HROnboard is a cloud based onboarding and offboarding solution catering to small, medium and large businesses.

Our partner program allows interested parties to:

  • extend the HROnboard functionality through integrations,
  • receive commission through lead referrals and
  • cross promote products and services to our respective audiences.
  • later in 2015 we will be introducing a re-seller model

Partner Types

Generally a parter will be one or more of the following:

  • Referral Partner: partner has complementary offerings and customers that may be interested in HROnboard;
  • Integration Partner: partner has a product or service they would like to integrate to HROnboard.
  • Re-seller Model: The ability to re-sell and provide front line support and services for HROnboard. Expected Launch late 2015

Lead Referral Commission

We want our partners to spread the story about HROnboard!

If a partner refers an organisation to HROnboard and that proceeds to a sale the partner will receive 15% of the first year subscription. To register referrals, partners can send an email to with the name and contact details of the lead. All referrals are tracked in our CRM.

HROnboard will acknowledge receipt of the lead and let you know if the lead applies as a lead referral - ie someone we are not talking to already. If a lead referral converts to a sale, HROnboard will pay the partner 15% of the first year subscription or first year revenue (if pre-paid packs) to HROnboard. HROnboard will pay lead referrals commissions once we receive payment from the customer.


We recognise the value in working with other solutions to provide a richer and broader experience for HR, new hires and employees. Our aim is to build an ecosystem of like minded applications around HROnboard - that can be easily integrated, share information and enhance the experience around employee onboarding and offboarding.

HROnboard provides Restful API's that enable you to develop your own integration (see our Developers Guide).  If it makes sense, we will also consider developing "baked in" integration direct into the product.

As an integration partner, HROnboard will work with you to:

  • Develop conceptual integration points between HROnboard and your app
  • Promote the integration on our HROnboard integrations page (coming end of Feb 2015) - describing the partner app, a link back to you site, and screenshots of the integration
  • If it commercially makes sense - look at "baking in" integration to the partner product directly within HROnboard.

Cross Promotion of Products and Services

A benefit of being a HROnboard partner is the ability for us to respectively tap into each others audiences.

There a number of different options for cross promotions, including:

  • Joint webinars
  • Guest posting on the HROnboard blog about thought leadership in areas of interest
  • For integrations, adding the integration to our marketplace on our website
  • Promote HROnboard on your website with a link back.

Partner Resources and Keeping up to date

As a partner we encourage you to follow us and keep up with the latest developments.

HROnboard is a young but quickly growing product.

Resources to regularly check are:
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