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The ultimate quiz to measure the return on investment and health of your employee onboarding & engagement

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How it works

Calculate the health of your employee onboarding

Answer the questions honestly, and by the end, you will know how your onboarding stacks up.

Understand the ROI of great onboarding

See how much you could save by moving to a dedicated onboarding platform and secure the funds you need.

Get personalised advice straight to your inbox

Take your onboarding to the next level by engaging employee before day one.

You’ll get 1 of 4 outcomes – from Onboarding Trainee to Onboarding Champion. For each result, you’ll receive tailored recommendations on what you can do to improve your HR processes.

Why check your onboarding health?

Measuring the impact of a great start is not just about the return on investment.

We’ve moved beyond the dollars and cents, by creating an onboarding health check that brings together the savings you’ll make with the rewards of a great onboarding experience.