Create amazing journeys post offer acceptance with personalised content, tasks and team interactions.

New Employee Welcomes

From offer to first anniversary.  

Candidate acceptance, provisioning tasks and new employee inductions. 

End-to-end Onboarding

Bundle Product Saving!

How many employees do you onboard per year?

No setup fees. Billed annually.

Transform your employee experience by embracing a digital job offer & provisioning process.

Easy & Beautiful Job Offers

Australia & New Zealand Only


per onboard
$10,000 billed annually



per onboard
$8,000 billed annually



per onboard
$4,000 billed annually



Quickly build templated induction and engagement programs by role, team or location

Automate new hire and team leader tasks

Create time released content built for mobile consumption

Schedule calendar events, reminders and meetups

Monitor engagement and view early warning indicators

Prices in AUD excluding GST, billed annually

Minimum of 100 onboards applies to all plans. Plans are based on increments of 100.

Enterprise Optional Extras:

Dynamic Contract Builder

Advanced business rule engine

Unlimited custom fields/forms

Single Sign On

Dedicated Account Manager







Paperless Onboarding

New Employee Welcomes



Electronic job offer acceptance

Contracts and documents library to manage offer templates

Included legislative information capture for Australia and New Zealand requirements

Configurable workflow, back office, tasks, notification and approval rules

Reporting and Analytics


Optional Extras:



140,000+ new starters and counting...

Nova Entertainment

“Onboarding experience was fantastic! Was very easy to complete all forms as they were all uploaded and computer generated.

Made it simple and also ecofriendly!

Can’t wait to get started :-)”

New starter feedback

Event Cinemas

Frequently Asked Questions

HROnboard is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and your information is stored in our secure cloud infrastructure.  We follow industry leading practice and are an ISO 27001 ISMS accredited organisation. 

Is my data secure and private?

Yes! We provide a 14 day free trial of our New Employee Welcomes to qualified organisations. Contact us to start your trial.

You are also welcome to try the New Employee Experience which demonstrates our paperless onboarding and new employee welcome platforms.

Can I get a free trial?

Currently we supply and support Australia and New Zealand forms and legislative documents (tax, super, work rights etc).  For more complex requirements, talk to us to tailor a solution for you.

Do you provide legislative documents outside of Australia and New Zealand?

HROnboard has pre-built integrations into popular recruitment, payroll and HRIS systems and plays nicely with others through configurable webhooks to enable a streamlined experience. See our marketplace for more details.

What HR Systems do you integrate with?

Of course you do!  We have the answers.  

Schedule a call with an onboarding specialist.

I have more questions!

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