Why HROnboard?

From HR to New Hires, HROnboard has something for everyone.

HR & Recruiters

Engage your new hires

  • Give your candidates an awesome welcome to the organisation

  • Engage with your new hires before Day 1

  • Free yourself from manual HR administration

  • Reduce your time to onboard from weeks to hours

Team Leaders

Connect with your new hires

  • Hassle-free onboarding

  • Tailor onboarding programs for each employee

  • Automatic reminders for you and your new hire

  • Minimise your time and energy commitment


Get the correct candidate details instantly, every time

  • Automatically verify all tax and bank details

  • No more incomplete or missing forms to chase up

  • No documents to collect on Day 1

  • New hires can be automatically added to your payroll system.

What our customers say

New Hires

Get the best welcome to the organisation

  • Accept your new job offer online, instantly

  • Enter your details once to complete all of your forms automatically

  • Connect with your new team on Linkedin and Facebook

  • Learn about your employer before Day 1.

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