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How Sunsuper use hr tech to create more meaningful onboarding experiences


In a world where paper and cheques have dominated, digitising the employee experience can seem like an insurmountable challenge. 

In 2014, the Sunsuper team met that challenge head on. Former CEO (Scott Hartley) developed a digital road map which would transform Sunsuper and impact people, processes and systems throughout the business. 

Goodbye Commencement Packs!

Before the digital transformation, 35kg of mail was hitting the HR and recruitment team every week. This, plus the frustration of repeatable manual tasks highlighted it was time to change.

It wasn’t sustainable. Recruitment volumes were increasing, roles were becoming more complex and Sunsuper was evolving as a business. There was a greater need for HR to get out of the operational and start contributing to the strategic modernisation of the team.

We were printing paper commencement packs for new starters with 45+ pages and needed a dedicated room to keep all contracts!

– Illeesha Carroll, Sunsuper

Enabling human interaction, not replacing it

Sunsuper have a phenomenal team that pride themselves on building an emotional connection with their employees.

During the moments that matter, Illeesha’s team are enabled to use tech for the repeatable, everyday contract creation and induction interactions. They then have time to go above and beyond to connect with candidates during a significant time of change.

“Your onboarding process today is fully automated and integrated with our candidate management and payroll systems. It’s branded, user friendly, device friendly, and most importantly it continues to tell the Sunsuper story.

We use videos and messages from our CEO, we give our new starters the opportunity to opt into some of our employee benefits prior to starting, or in instances where this is not possible, we give them a sneak peek. It’s a smooth, seamless process for them.

It sets the tone for who we are as a business and reaffirms with the new employee that they made the right choice in choosing Sunsuper.”

Getting funds to improve your employee experience

Using a system like HROnboard for employee onboarding is 49% cheaper than doing it manually for Sunsuper. The team are also saving a combined 313 hours per year – just creating offers and commencement paperwork!

Illeesha and the team are now able to support and measure their impact on the business success. With 94% of candidates positively rating the experience, and the time to onboard new employees dropping from 4-5 weeks to just 4 days.

In the process Sunsuper has saved 37.97 trees, 2 tonnes of carbon emissions, 2.85m3 of landfill and 43,905 litres of water from reduced paper production.

As I now spend less time on manual processing tasks, my team and I can focus more on creating an emotional connection with our new employees. We can focus on creating an amazing journey that not only ticks the compliance box but also the experience; says Illeesha

“HROnboard has completely changed how we spend our time.

Engaging, not overwhelming, candidates

Candidates and team leaders want positions filled quickly – sometimes within hours of the final interview. To secure the right talent, the HR team at Sunsuper need to provide a fast, easy and engaging process that is an extension of their brand and values.

Onboarding involves humans so technology is used to help connect – not takeover.

The team are able to personalise the journey, providing new starters with only the information they require to succeed in their role and not overwhelm or bombard them with irrelevant information.

Seeing the difference between how Sunsuper it actually reflects into the culture of an organisation” – Peter Carey, Head of Product

“The fact that (the onboarding experience) is quick and responsive – it gives you the really great pleasure that you’ve made the right choice” – Steve Peters, Senior Assurance Lead

Today, the Sunsuper team have said goodbye to the wasted time and effort of contract management and the endless chase of following up paperwork trails. Plus, the risk of dogs eating commencement packs has been neutralised! 

Ready to get started on your paperless onboarding journey? Our team can help you create a compelling case with exclusive access to templates, calculators and more. Talk to us today! 

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