Say bon voyage to leavers

Last impressions count as much as first ones do which is why delivering a consistent, compliant and positive goodbye is key.

A structured & compliant offboarding process

Employee offboarding for the digital age with workflow design, built-in Fair Work compliance and de-provisioning in one central platform.

Leave a lasting impression

In today’s workforce a job for life is no longer a reality. Treating people with dignity and respect when they leave you ensures your brand and reputation keeps attracting top talent.

offboarding employee workflow
employee exit workflow

Offboarding workflows to suit your business

Customise the documentation you provide employees to suit your needs and the reason they are leaving. Easily generate leaving documents including a certificate of service or a letter of reference.


  • Built in Fair Work guidelines for termination processing
  • Generate final pay information and certificate of service

Capture employee information

Don’t miss an opportunity to learn more about your team and collect valuable insights into what is and isn’t working for your company.

Encourage transparency and use the data to prevent future high performers from leaving your business.

employee feedback result
easy de-provisioning

Hassle free handovers

Keeping track of equipment and access can be a challenge. We help you notify the right teams with what information and equipment need to be collected before your employees final day.

• De-provisioning tasks
• Complete Audit Trail

Ready to improve your offboarding experience?

We’re here to help you give employees a positive & compliant farewell. 

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