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Build amazing employee journeys

Employee onboarding software to help you create amazing employee journeys for new starters, transitioning employees and leavers.

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What is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee Onboarding software enables teams to automate the repetitive and tedious manual creation of job offers and provisioning tasks to onboard new employees.

HROnboard reduces the amount of time HR teams and leaders spend securing the best candidates, freeing up time and immersing new starters into their team, faster.

Effortless job offers

Fast offer creation and convenient digital acceptance will streamline the essentials of employee onboarding in a way that your team and new starters will love.

Interactive onboarding

Effortless induction journeys that bring together activities, tasks and team communication, into a seamless digital onboarding experience.

Smooth transitions

Easily manage employee role changes from re-contracting, policy updates, managing bulk contracts during peak seasonal re-hiring or mergers.

Great goodbyes

Confidence every step of the way when exiting employees for a smooth experience and a positive farewell.

Digital experiences that connect
employees in the real world

hronboard for hr teams

For HR teams

Take the complexity out of welcoming or farewelling employees.

Easily manage contracts & award interpretation, shed manual provisioning tasks and automate back office admin.

Lift engagement & productivity with access to onboarding insights at your fingertips.

For team leaders

Send job offers in minutes and secure first choice candidates.

Know what you need to do in the countdown to day one and beyond.

No more missed opportunities thanks to helpful prompts and advice along the way, empowering managers to lead teams at their best.

hronboard for team leaders
hronboard for employees

For employees

Accept new job offers on any device, wherever you are.

Get up to speed faster, receive time relevant tasks and content.

Know what to do, when and where to do it at every stage of the journey.


Teams creating amazing experiences


Employee job offers sent, and counting


Positive new employee feedback rate

Our onboarding software is a team player and integrates with the world’s leading HR apps

Choose the best recruitment, payroll and HRIS apps to suit your needs and we’ll work with them.

hronboard integrations with other HR apps

HROnboard and ELMO: Bringing you the best of both worlds

ELMO offers a comprehensive suite of complementary solutions that further enhance the onboarding experience.

Streamline the hiring and onboarding process, centralise your employee data and strengthen the collaboration within your teams with these modules: Recruitment, Learning Management, HR Core, Survey and Connect.

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