ELMO & HROnboard Integration

The integration between HROnboard and ELMO will bring you the best of both worlds.

A highly personalised onboarding experience AND the modular suite of an all in one HR solution.

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Seamless recruitment to job offer experience

Easily trigger complex job offers & provisioning in minutes from within your ELMO Dashboard. In one click, all the candidates details are seamlessly and securely sent across to HROnboard.

It’s easy to keep on top of what’s happening throughout your new hires journey. As the offer is reviewed and then accepted by your first choice candidates, the status is updated in realtime within ELMO.

Enhance onboarding journeys with customised learning

Bring together your teams ELMO learning & development alongside your essential onboarding information and tasks. 

Your new hires will hit the ground running with accelerated training.

With access to 400+ online courses; you can create, customise and repurpose eLearning courses to meet your unique company needs.

Schedule surveys during your new hires’ journey

With HROnbord and ELMO you can easily collect, manage and gain actionable insights into your employees’ attitudes and opinions.  

Get started with a range of ready-made survey templates, built by industry professionals.

You’ll be making data-driven decisions and on your way to an improved employee experience in no time.

Pass employee data to ELMO HR Core & Payroll

Essential information gathered during onboarding can be sent seamlessly into ELMO HR Core and Payroll modules, without you needing to lift a finger!

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