4 reasons why you’ll love using HROnboard

1.  Design an onboarding experience like no other

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Welcome your new hires aboard

We create amazing onboarding software so you can focus on creating amazing experiences. Everything from pre-boarding, onboarding, induction and new hire engagement – we’ve got you covered.

Reduce your empty chair time

Finding the right candidate takes time and hiring comes in peaks and waves – so we scale with you. From managing 100 employees to 100,000, you’re able to secure new employees and get them up to speed faster.

Take the complexity out of onboarding

Every role, team, company, and location bring unique rules and content essential for your new starters to hit the ground running. Personalise each journey to suit the needs of your team while creating an amazing employee experience.

2. Insights that guide you to best-practice onboarding

Boost your onboarding through collaboration

We’re with you for the long haul to continually improve employee onboarding through monitoring, check-ins, meetups and monthly educational webinars.

Check out our blog for the latest onboarding insights and news.

Team insights at your fingertips

Knowlege is power and with handy engagement indicators and onboarding insights, you’ll know what’s working and who needs help in order to make the right decisions.

Promote your teams ROI within the business

Need to build a business case for an onboarding needs to be based on a genuine return on investment? With more than 130,000 offers accepted in our solution, you’ll have access to exclusive insights into latest in onboarding and demonstrate ROI within the business.

Download the 2018 report.

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Onboarding that focuses on an awesome candidate experience that also gives me back days in my week – HROnboard was an incredible find. It’s a huge benefit to the business and our new employees love it!  –
Christiane Johnson, Louis Vuitton Australia & New Zealand

3. Onboarding compliance becomes a breeze

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Secure sensitive employee data

Rest easy knowing your employee personal data is only seen by the people that need to. Easily take steps to protect sensitive data and limit access with customisable user management and visibility features.

Stay on top of industry changes

We automate more than just the basics of onboarding, including tax, superannuation and work rights.

Our Melbourne based team speak your language and understand the complexities of onboarding better than anyone in the business. Also, did we mention that we’re ISO 27001 certified? #humblebrag

Meet our amazing HROnboard team.

Empower managers to become leaders

Remove the red tape and say goodbye to dreaded forms and admin by simplifying the onboarding process for your managers.

Prompt them with essential tasks before day one and beyond, and you’ll reap the rewards of them focussing fully on leading amazing teams.

4. Join a thriving community

Be part of the hottest conversation in HR

Our community thrives because our customers inspire each other. We regularly bring our users together and shout about their amazing onboarding achievements. If you’re passionate about what you do and passionate about your people, you’ll be in good company.

Here’s an example! Check out Fraedom’s recent talk on how they go beyond the basics and create a kick-ass first day.

Raise your profile as an employer of choice

We proactively monitor Net Promotor Scores and new starter feedback for constructive insights to help you continuously improve employee experiences through the software.

With actionable insights direct from your leaders and employees, you’ll be winning awards in no time.

Happy team = happy customers

We’re on a mission to create amazing employee journeys. To do that, we have to live and breathe that dream to make it a reality.

We keep our ear to the ground for the latest insights and embrace initiatives like Recharge Days and Furry Friday to help our team find balance and bring their best selves to work.

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