Ditch boring emails, create memorable team updates

A fast and scalable way to communicate & broadcast information to employees.

Easily share updates with everyone, fast

Rapidly create, communicate & confirm if employees have seen timely updates, tasks and more. 

Keep remote teams connected

Don’t lose your human connections – kick start them and make every moment matter. 

employee broadcasts cover image - employee onboarding software
Ditch boring emails by using HROnboard's employee broadcasts solution

Ditch boring emails & build smart broadcasts 

You can build a broadcast in minutes to automatically send the right content to the right teams, without you lifting a finger.

  • Share videos & activities to take a team update from bland to memorable, in moments
  • Schedule bite-sized content, feedback requests & tasks to be sent to employees on specific dates

Help people be better leaders

We’re process & experience people, it’s our jam! And right now, policies and supporting documents for your leaders are changing rapidly. That’s where we can help.  

  • Create broadcast streams to segment information for specific employee workgroups
  • With dedicated streams, you can easily help people be better leaders with their own unique content
  • We’ve got ideas to get you started – from 3.30pm Dance-offs to virtual CEO updates and more to keep teams feeling productive & engaged
support employee wellbeing using HROnboard's employee broadcasts

Support employee health & wellbeing

We’re going through extraordinary change right now. For those lucky enough to work from home, it’s an incredible social experiment. For others, it’s a time of adversity and anxiety.

You can easily relieve the tension and support your team with a personal touch.

  • Keep teams informed about office access, travel restrictions and team movements
  • Share links to company Employee Assistance Programs
  • Give your CEOs and leaders a voice to keep teams engaged

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