Lift engagement with a fresh approach to inductions

Immerse new starters into their new culture, team, and role with our online induction software.

Retain and nurture new starters

Keep the enthusiasm and engagement high before their first day one.

Hassle-free, personalised inductions

Each new starter is unique and their induction journey should reflect their individuality.

Expert induction advice

Learn what makes an amazing induction experience with handy templates and the expertise of our team.

employee onboarding software
design unique onboarding journeys

Design unique induction journeys

You can easily create and personalise a perfect induction experience, from day one to their first anniversary.

Enhance your employee’s induction journey with content, tasks, pulse surveys, and calendar invites.

You can even include role or team specific content to ensure a personalised experience, every time. 

Empower managers to be better leaders

Successful onboarding is a team sport, so focus on building strong team relationships.

From first-day prep to probation reviews – you can automatically prompt your leaders to engage their new starters, at the right time.

Your leaders will know what they need to do, with no hassling from HR. Everybody wins!

employee onboarding as a team sport
take the pulse of new starters

Take the pulse of your new starters

Understand what’s working and who needs assistance to get ahead of potential issues.

See at a glance who’s doing well and who needs attention with our handy engagement indicators. Then respond to new starter feedback or questions to resolve things quickly.

Enhance employee induction with customised learning

Bring together your teams learning & development alongside your essential onboarding information and tasks.

Your new hires will hit the ground running with accelerated training from one central portal.

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employee onboarding as a team sport

Induction Software Feature Highlights


Built-in induction templates


Drag & drop journey builder


Assign content & tasks


Team leader prompts


Engagement indicators


Audit trail & reporting


New starter feedback


Personalise every induction


Integrate with learning systems

Standard Inclusions


Unlimited journeys per employee


Unlimited activities & content


Up to 50 reminders & notifications per employee

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