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How to create an award-winning culture & put your best HR foot forward

We spoke with Spendless Shoes Employee Journey Coordinator,  Alana Sfitskis, about winning Retail Employer of the Year and the tech that puts them a step ahead of the competition.


The first Spendless store opened in 1988, with the sole purpose of making stylish shoes affordable for everyone. Little did the team know that they would grow exponentially and celebrate 30 years of business. Much has changed since the 1980’s. Not only in the fashion world but in the way Spendless Shoes create employee experiences that retain and grow retail talent.

Onboarding time reduced from weeks to days

Spendless Shoes started their journey to a seamless employee experience in 2016.

By integrating their recruitment tool into HROnboard, the Spendless team has created a smooth employee experience, from hello to go. Everything from their employee onboarding, staff transitions and offboarding are all managed in one solution.

“Paper-based new starter kits took us weeks to process.

Now a new employee offer takes us just a few hours to have accepted.

The technology is helping us reach our new starters and get them engaged and excited about working with us from the get go.”

Confident employees that are up-to-speed faster

With more than 1000 staff across 200 stores nationally, it’s no simple task to keep their employees engaged and performing at a high level.

Implementing HROnboard has not only made for a smooth experience, it also offers Alana and her team an opportunity for continuous improvement.

“We have great products, but if you don’t have the right teams selling those products you won’t succeed. Our teams are fantastic and deliver legendary customer service.”


Being awarded 2019 Retail Employer of the Year by the Retailworld , was invaluable recognition from the industry and from Spendless staff.

A culture built on strong values and employee recognition is established  from the beginning.  With the support of the HROnboard team, Spendless shoes can now focus on enhancing an employees entire journey with the business. 

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