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How to engage a millennial workforce with personalised onboarding

We spoke to Lisa Fisher, Head of HR at Retail Zoo, about how the team innovate and create personalised employee experiences to engage a workforce of digital natives.

Retail Zoo is the parent company of some of Australia’s most loved brands including Boost, Salsas, Betty’s Burgers and Cibo Espresso – each with its own unique personality and products. What they all have in common is an entrepreneurial streak that keeps them nimble and moving at a fast pace. 

Scaling HR for a growing business demand

When Lisa Fisher joined the team, the HR processes were all manual and with a growing demand across the business, she knew that something had to change. The first priority was to develop a business case for technology that could deliver a faster, smoother and more engaging employee onboarding experience –  and that’s where we come in.

“HR is the department that candidates first interact. If we can show how innovative we are they’ll see it flow through to the rest of the business.

We were blown away by how quickly things could happen once we started using HROnboard.” – Lisa Fisher, Retail Zoo.

Creating an employee experience for digital natives 

Most of the Retail Zoo team are part of a generation that have never known a life without a computer.  So receiving a branded folder in the mail wasn’t the innovative and personalised first impression Lisa wanted for the business.

“New starters would’ve thought ‘wow this is really old school! I’m spending all of this time filling out paperwork when surely this could be done online’. Now that we’re using HROnboard, the feedback is ‘can’t wait to start’ and ‘really great vibe, the process is so smooth’ and “can’t believe it was so quick!’”

The Retail Zoo HR team punch above their weight when it comes  to onboarding. With a small team of 7 they manage to personalise and automate the employee experience for 5000 employees across 4 different brands.


“The kind of people we hire are people who can get stuff done, don’t make excuses, and they get rewarded for it,” says Lisa.  Boost employees get a free drink at the end of their shift and the Betty’s Burgers team get 50% off their products.

On top of these perks, as Retail Zoo grows, their employees have more opportunities to progress their careers within a brand they love.

“Most people come to us during their time at school or uni and so the next step for us as we grow, is to explore crossboarding opportunities for people who want to progress their career internally.


Want to discover how Retail Zoo create an amazing first impression with candidates to support a thriving business?

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