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How to Pitch an Employee Experience Transformation to your CEO

Just like the businesses they support, HR practitioners are being challenged by the demands of the digital revolution in everything they do from recruitment to engagement, and even internal processes. 

So how do HR leaders influence key decisions to bring about organisational change and transform the employee journey in a complex, ever-changing environment?

Merril Hotchkin from Metricon says this is what it takes to get buy in from the C-Suite to transform the people & culture experience:  

Culture of Innovation

Identifying the problem and opportunity is the first step, but creating a culture of innovation is critical for meaningful growth and change.

Merril’s advice is not to wait for perfection, but to start with a solution that the business can get comfortable with, and introduce new features and experiences over time.

“Identifying the cost of manual labour to perform HR operations was a key driver for transformation at Metricon.”

Build a business case

The first step is understanding the ‘people experience’ challenge you’re trying to solve. 

In Metricon’s case it was to:

  • Reduce turnover in the early phases of the employee journey
  • Reduce manual processes throughout recruitment and onboarding
  • Increase efficiency across all HR processes & tasks
  • Deliver on the brand promise of being the #1 home builder and employer in the market

Also, in the process of building the business case it became clear that a lack of transparency between hiring managers and the HR Team during the recruitment process was causing unnecessary tension,” says Merril.

Because HROnboard is tailored to meet the needs of each business, the benefits far outweigh the discomfort of change.

“You can roll out the whole suite up front, but we’ve taken the approach to identify low hanging fruit and get our people comfortable with the platform first. It’s a journey of continuous improvement and innovation for us in the people space.”

Digital first means people first

Serving customers is at the core of Metricon’s business and with a digital-first approach, streamlining processes reduces the manual workload for their people and frees them up to do what they do best – delight customers.

It also means that the HR team can move away from administrative tasks and focus more on value creation through engagement and training for the workforce.

“We’re moving to a new world where our people are just as important as our customers. It’s not about ‘human resources’ anymore, it’s about people. And we really believe that people should have the #1 employee experience with Australia’s #1 home builder,” says Merril.

Ready to pitch your employee experience transformation? Our team can help you create a compelling case with exclusive access to templates, calculators and more. Talk to us today!

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