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New Broadcasts Feature: Easily Personalise Communication With Your Entire Workforce

Although remote working has been the catalyst for our new product release, the Broadcast feature has actually been in development for some time. The need was there but sitting in the wings – to rapidly create, communicate and confirm if employees are getting the information they need to be supported.

For some, it’s an incredible social experiment for those who can luckily work from home. For others, it’s a time of adversity and anxiety. You can relieve the tension and support your team with helpful information and timely advice, with a personal touch.

It’s not a replacement for human connection; it’s a kick start to your communication at a time when we need to be on the same page. Having a broadcast platform with the groundwork laid out can give you space to breathe to create a polished foundation for your employees to be informed. And we all know that we make better decisions when we are well informed.

Broadcasts gives you the ability to keep everyone united in your company goals, knowledge and culture.

In this current climate, with so many employees working remote or being stood down, it’s now more important than ever for organisations to communicate and oversee the reach of important updates, information and offers of assistance.

Our new Broadcast feature allows you to build, schedule and send content to all your employees, in a fun and familiar experience.

With Broadcasts you can now easily:

  • Schedule bite-sized content, feedback requests and tasks to be sent to employees on specific dates
  • Create broadcast streams to segment information for specific employee workgroups – for example, you might be sending out information to a particular work location or team
  • Ditch the boring emails and communicate important information quickly to employees via a frictionless experience using interesting videos, images and more.

Here’s some ideas on how to use Broadcasts:

  • Keep teams informed about office access, travel restrictions and team movements
  • Share links to company Employee Assistance Programs
  • Give your CEOs and leaders a voice to keep teams engaged with your team’s strategy
  • Quarterly engagement surveys or feedback requests
  • Internal product or team launches
  • New company initiative – relaunch of core values
  • Remote working or working from home communications
  • Ongoing engagement with stood down employees during pandemics or times of change
  • Event or Christmas or social community updates – from bad santa, Christmas Party details to wishing your team a jolly Christmas

How does Broadcasts differ from your existing employee journeys?

We’ve created our journeys to centre around a new hires first day. In Broadcasts, you’re triggering a one-off event that occurs on a day – like Christmas celebrations.

A journey spans multiple days and is based on a template that you then customise to the new starter. When a user is added to a journey they will (eventually) get all cards in that journey – from before day one and beyond.

Whereas when a new employee is added to a Broadcast, they will only get information sent to them from the date they join onwards. Giving you the oversight of all planned company updates to your employees from one easy builder.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.
Henry Ford

How to get started with Broadcasts:

1. Defining your audience:

To get started with a broadcast, your first step is to decide on your audience. You can do this easily by importing an employee list.

2. Get creative, start building:

Create one or more updates (including rich content, tasks, feedback) and specify if you want them to be available immediately or scheduled for a particular date.

3. Broadcast to employees

That’s it – employees will be notified via email to click through to view content from the desktop, tablet or mobile.

Communicate often during the moments that matter

This is the start of something truly awesome. While we’ve only just started on this feature future updates will include richer reporting to understand content interaction, enhanced employee broadcast management and more.

We are so acutely aware of the importance of threading a communication stream that keeps your employment community together. Don’t let your hard work get lost in the noise of endless communications.

Let us help you stand out, be united and get through it together.

For our customers, Broadcasts will be available from your dashboard as part of your existing subscription. If you’re new to HROnboard, we can get you up and broadcasting your news quickly and easily. Get in touch to find out more.

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