Streamline employee transitions.

A simpler way to manage internal staff changes and people returning to work.

Bulk re-contracting and one off employee events

Need to send and receive back 1,000 new staff contracts? Use HROnboard to simply and quickly automate bulk staff information capture and acceptance events.

Nurture team members returning to work

Re-engage staff returning from extended leave periods so that they’re feeling up-to-speed and part of the team on their first day back.
Employee transitions onboarding software
seamless employee crossboarding

Spend less time updating contracts

Enjoy an easier process for you and your employees by automatically generating personalised contracts & policies. Perfect for seasonal contract renewals, promotions, internal transfers, and more.

  • Automatically generate, send and process hundreds of contracts in minutes
  • Save your team hours of admin time, and only ask for updated information
  • Have complete oversight with our handy audit trail

Streamline salary review letters and more

From remuneration reviews to amendment letters, the critical employee events you coordinate are endless. You can now create a consistent, amazing experience for your employees during the critical moments that matter.

  • Employees will receive all documents in a familiar branded portal
  • You choose whether they need to accept the letter (with two-factor verification pin) or simply acknowledge
  • All employment documents in one place for your employees, HR and Payroll – goodbye data drama!
seamless employee crossboarding
easily welcome returning employees

Smooth sailing for returning employees

Create return to work engagement journeys and equip employees with essential information, team introductions, helpful insights and activities.

  • Start the engagement process with employees before their return to work
  • Monitor employee engagement through indicators, feedback and surveys
  • Ideal for staff on parental leave, workcover, office moves and internal promotions
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