Manually re-entering information about a candidate during onboarding that has already been collected in the recruitment process is a waste of time. It also provides room for error and further precious time wasted to correct mistakes or worse, losing a great candidate.

We’ve listened to our amazing community and have done some major construction work on our inbound integration with JobAdder.

You can now automatically streamline how you move a candidate data from JobAdder into HROnboard.

Here are four ways to help you free up your time and make the most of the JobAdder integration:

1. No more manual handling!

When you’re ready to send an offer to a candidate, you no longer have to manually import the details into HROnboard.

Now, HROnboard syncs with JobAdder to pull through the selected candidate information. If you’re onboarding at the speed of light, you can simply refresh and sync data in real-time.

2. Choose what data you want to sync

Previous  integrations limited the data that could be synced to 5 standard fields. You can now map unlimited fields from JobAdder into HROnboard.

This means that all the data you collect during recruitment that is relevant to the final offer can be seamlessly brought into the the employment offer within HROnboard.

From standard personal information fields to salary, award rates, etc can be mapped with corresponding fields in HROnboard.

3. Flexible setup options to suit the way you work

We’re big advocates of technology enabling you to enhance the way you work. With our advanced configuration, you can personalise the journeys of every employee and enable your hiring managers to send offers using our configurable user permissions.

Previously, customers were limited to mapping one HROnboard account to one in JobAdder.  However, we know that setup doesn’t work for everyone and the way you manage recruitment. As a result of this feedback, we’ve enhanced our integration to better suit the way you work.

Now, if different hiring teams across your company use unique JobAdder accounts and have one central HROnboard account, you can now make the most of the integration.

Plus we’ve taken it one step further.  

You can also have multiple instances of JobAdder pushing into different workflows within one HROnboard account.

4. Handy integration log so you know what’s working (and what isn’t)

Integrations can sometimes be a little mysterious. Once you’ve configured the sync it can sometimes feel like you’re crossing your virtual fingers that it has worked.

That’s where our integration log comes in. You can see at a glance what integrations have fired or failed and trigger syncs manually if something goes wrong.

Want to learn more about how you can speed up recruitment and create an amazing first impression using HROnboard & JobAdder? Schedule a chat with one of our onboarding specialists today.  

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