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We’re thrilled to announce that customers can now manage more than just employee onboarding journeys in Welcomes.

Whether it’s a significant life event such as parental leave or the logistics of an office move, you are now able to create, manage and personalise journeys for any employee.

It has never been easier to manage expectations and communicate useful information and tasks for both team leaders and existing employees.









Let’s explore 3 employee journeys which can be streamlined using Welcomes:

1. Return to Work

Employees on parental leave or returning from secondments or injury all transition best when regular updates, expectations and tasks are clearly communicated. There are many documented benefits for employers who stay in touch with employees during periods of absence to ensure the employee continues to feel connected.  

The personalisation of communication is key and has historically been difficult to automate. HR teams can now build mobile first journeys in Welcomes that contain important return to work information and tailor the communication to the individual’s journey.  


2. Physical Office Relocation  

While you are thinking of logistics and ensuring the power will be on, the priorities of your team are different. Questions such as…”okay great, new office,  why? When? How long is it going to take me to get to work? How are we going to get my stuff including the desk plant to the new office? What about my favourite chair? Argh! I’m not leaving that behind!”

During this time you are being disrupted too.

So to help pre-empt the barrage of questions and uncertainty, you can design an Office Move Journey that educates employees about the move and how to navigate the change with information provided over time.

Here’s how an office move journey could look like for your employees:

3. An employee changes role, team or business unit

The practical and emotional needs of an existing employee changing role or team mirror the needs of a new employee.

Think about it – if you were to move to a new team or another business unit within your company, you’d probably experience the same nervous energy associated with starting a new job. Communicating clear expectations of goals, critical tasks, and immersing employees into the new team, role and location are all important considerations.

Using technology to enable both the compliance and the induction of employees into a new role will improve the overall experience, save time and improve productivity.


These are just snapshots of common transitions you may need to help employees navigate during the employee lifecycle. You now have the tools to seamlessly educate employees and provide critical information and tasks, without the need for manual reminders and follow-ups.


To learn more about Welcomes and how you can start creating amazing employee journeys, chat with one of our specialists today. 



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