Managing the visibility and access to information in HROnboard has never been easier, thanks to a new feature called Groups.

It’s essential that all employees; from your top executives to your front-liners, experience the same personalised, digital onboarding journey. However to do this, you need some pretty advanced personalisation, visibility & permission management features.

This week, we’ve released a new feature that will help you add yet another layer of personalisation to your teams offer and exit experience.

Let’s take a closer look at Groups

Introducing Enhanced Visibility Options

We’ve introduced two additional options to our already powerful visibility controls in HROnboard.

To give you more flexibility, you can now manage which users have access to which offers using a combination of the following options: 

1.  All *new feature*

Gives a user visibility of all offers and exits – regardless of Companies, Locations and Groups. This is perfect for executives, Group HR leaders and Payroll teams that need complete visibility of onboarding information

2. Groups *new feature*

Groups visibility can allow you to see and create offers that have been ‘grouped’ together

3. Companies & Locations 

Existing visibility feature that enables teams to manage multiple companies, brands and locations from one central onboarding portal and then cascade permissions to each user based on their relevant company and/or location

4. Own

Existing visibility feature that enables a user to only view offers they have created or have been assigned to review


How can I use Groups?

Groups enables you to set the visibility and limit who can create offers based on any type of group. This is in addition to your already existing permissions based on Companies & Locations.

Here’s some examples of when you would use Groups:

  • Manage access based on departments
  • Manage access based on States or Regions
  • Process an executive or confidential job offer

Groups, like our other visibility features in HROnboard, can be personalised to your unique business needs.


Need some help getting started with Groups?


Our team are here to help you create an amazing onboarding experience.

So if you need some extra help or advice, our Customer Success gurus are here to lend a hand. Simply email our team at or give us a call. 

Thanks to our community & customers for your input and feedback. We are on an incredible journey to streamline back office and enable you to do the job you love.  

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