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Life Without Barriers'(LWB) purpose is to partner with people to change their lives for the better.

As one of Australia’s leading social purpose organisations – the 5,600 strong team operates in more than 440 communities and support over 18,000 people living in their own homes or in managed residential houses.

The LWB People, Safety & Culture team manage the employee experience across a large number of locations across Australia.

Let’s explore how the team reduced their onboarding process from 2 ½  weeks to only 4 days – whilst maintaining best practice compliance.


Amazing Employee Experience at Life Without Barriers

Accelerating complex onboarding

In the past year, the Talent & Attraction team onboarded 1,500 new starters. To accommodate hiring more than 3 new starters every day, David Meere (Manager, Talent & Attraction, People, Safety & Culture) led his team on a digital transformation project.

By centralising all recruitment activity and introducing Recruitment Advisors in each region, LWB was rewarded with better visibility, control and efficiency.

Part of this digital change was the move from paper contracts and manual tasks to HROnboard’s onboarding engagement software. Using advanced award interpretation, dynamically created contracts and extensive automated task management, LWB were able to rapidly create and send offers at unprecedented speed.


Moving beyond contract automation

Across their 87 locations, Life Without Barriers has over 526 users involved throughout the onboarding and induction process. From offer creators, reviewers, task managers (IT, Payroll & Security) and team leaders. With some many individuals involved, managing the data security and privacy of new employees is critical.

Configurable user based permissions enable LWB to assign tasks to key team members while managing sensitive information securely. Users who are assigned tasks only see the critical information relevant to the task they need to complete, not the full offer or supporting documents.

The LWB team is moving beyond contract automation. The team manage the issuing, governance and provisioning of vehicles within the onboarding process.

All elements including ID checks, driver declarations and consent to do a license check, are all completed during offer acceptance. Managing this during onboarding ensures the team are ready for the employees first day.


Employee Experience Insights at Life Without Barriers Video





Crafting an industry-leading employee experience

LWB prides themselves on their progressive approach to recruitment and the employee experience. While challenged in the past to demonstrate business value, the team are tackling this perception by leading with data-driven insights and clear results.

And the new employees are reaping the rewards. LWB receives a 93% positive rating for their onboarding experience.

The 7% who negatively rate the experience as providing crucial feedback to the team for future improvements.


The ongoing return on investment

Onboarding candidates 80% quicker has obvious business benefits.

New hires have a more positive onboarding experience and commence work sooner.

The efficiency of HROnboard and it’s integration with payroll has also resulted in a more streamlined process and far less duplication of work. 

Less time is spent chasing approvals from managers and documents from the candidate. The team is no longer manually adding new hire details into Payroll which has enabled the team to focus on other value-add activities.

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