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Recontracting or crossboarding employees en masse can happen quickly and is often in response to a pressing business need.

Crossboarding covers a vast set of business use cases; from re-contracting existing employees to reissuing compliance policies. Knowing how to support your team from one extreme to the other can be a challenge.

Here are some handy insights from our onboarding specialists to help you navigate crossboarding. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to a smooth recontracting and policy update process – for everyone involved.


Standardise your employment contracts

This might sound outrageous, how do you standardise contracts for thousands of employees?

The truly amazing benefit of using an app for crossboarding or updating policies is the speed that contracts and supporting documents are generated. You can standardise contracts wherever possible and then setup logic that can customise an employees contract based on their role, location, award and more.

“We saved 8 days – with 8 people sitting in a room – that’s 64 days of effort saved.  Roy Hill – Christo Visser, Specialist, HRIS, Remuneration & Benefits

90% of the effort in re-contracting is cleaning your data. Having an accessible single source of truth for your employee data is critical.  


Personalised the Onboarding Experience (OX)

The onboarding experience is still vital for your existing employee. Make sure you treat them with the same care you do candidates – from the way you communicate to the data you collect.

Avoid asking employees to repeat information that you should already know. That way, employees are simply confirming that their details are correct, not re-submitting basic information.

By digitally crossboarding an employee, you’ll cover off the compliance easily. Streamline the review process and send your employees contracts and policies to accept directly to their inbox or to their mobile device.  

If you’ve inheriting out of date data that needs a cleanse or are moving from a paper trail to a digital crossboarding app, be smart about how you use your resources.

Check out external options for an on-demand workforce – apps like Sidekicker and WePloy are excellent at providing short-term, experienced temps.



Sync all your data

Successful recontracting comes down to having all of your processes, team, and data in sync.

When one or more of these are out of whack, you’re setting yourself up for sleepless nights and poor results.

In the case of a business restructure or re-contracting, time can be your adversary. Preempt this challenge by planning the requirements with your team. Think of this as your rainy day plan – know where your data is, the approval structure and the tools you’ll need.

Understand your objective from the beginning, then match your process (and tools) to the business need.

Give your contracts and documents a home

Managing your contracts and policies on a desktop somewhere? Or in a cloud drive? 

Knowing which is your most up to date contract across a large team can be a nightmare. That’s where an onboarding app with a document library and automatic contract generation can be a huge benefit.

Plus being able to seamlessly send contracts and policies, have them accepted and any de-provisioning managed for you, is a dream come true for many HR teams.

A digital audit trail and reminders can help you see at a glance what has and has not been done and automatically chase who you’re waiting on to return contracts and policies.



Plan how to talk to your team

Finally, knowing what is to be communicated, how and by who is essential to creating a seamless crossboarding experience. Keep leaders, influencers and internal communications teams in the loop as the changes roll out.

Be mindful of employees that are not directly affected by the change or policy updates.


These teammates can often be forgotten in the pressing need to support the employees impacted. Your team and culture will pull through stronger in the long run.


Crossboarding or managing employee changes is a personal journey for each team. Simple policy updates can become a resource drain if managed poorly.

Take the time to understand the true need for each project and be curious to discover a new way to do things.

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