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Do you know how much of your budget is going to onboarding? I mean really going to onboarding. I’m talking about all these elements of the onboarding process:

      • Advertising for the role
      • Staff resources required to screen and interview
      • Pre-employment checks
      • Tests on skills and knowledge
      • Onboarding including paperwork and resources
      • In some cases, recruitment agency fees

Have you factored in a candidate rejecting an offer? Have you budgeted for needing to go through this process again for the same position? Missing out on a first choice candidate is often excluded from cost projections. You will need to go through these steps again if your offer is rejected in favour of another.

Repeating the onboarding process for the same position is the fastest way to blow out your HR budget. Reducing recruitment expenses is an over-looked cost saving measure when considering onboarding. Most organisations can see the time and cost advantages of electronic onboarding. What organisations fail to see is the benefit of only going through the onboarding process once.

Show new employees you’re a future-focused organisation


A majority of HR and Recruitment staff understand the benefits of onboarding software, but too many are saying, “I know that in a few years electronic onboarding is just going to be the norm, but it is just not a priority for me right now.” It comes across to me, and to your candidates, as this:”The candidate experience isn’t a priority for us right now.”

Most growing organisations like to portray themselves as companies of the future. Using technology in onboarding is a great opportunity to give the right impression. The onboarding process is still the first touchpoint with a new employee.

Traditional onboarding means dumping an envelope full of paperwork on a new hire, or sending an email with a string of attachments to download and print. Consider how a candidate will perceive an online onboarding portal, compared to a pile of papers. Which one says ‘Company of the Future’ more? Anything that improves the candidate experience gives you an edge in recruitment. Great candidate experience gives you first choice candidates.

Organisations that know the value of electronic onboarding, but don’t prioritise it, know why they’re losing first choice candidates.

Gain a competitive advantage in recruitment.


Applying for jobs has become easier than ever. Organisations need a competitive advantage to make their offers stand out.

Being able to shoot out a dozen applications in an afternoon means skilled candidates can get multiple offers at once. You need to be able to stand out from the job offer clutter. I know, because I faced the same situation when I received my offer from HROnboard. One offer came in an email with forms attached to download, print and fill out, the other was an online offer through the system I sell today.

You know which offer I took.

I am not the only person in my office who had the same scenario. Several of my colleagues chose HROnboard when they had multiple offers to consider. Cutting the cost of printing and postage has saved my organisation thousands of dollars, while also ensuring we get our first choice candidates.

How much could you save with electronic onboarding?


If you know electronic onboarding is going to be standard practice, why let competitors get the jump on you? Stand apart from your competitors and watch the candidates gravitate towards you. Go through the recruitment process once- and do it right.

Ensure you get the best employees for your organisation, and cut down on recruitment costs while doing so. Watch this video on HROnboard and see for yourself how electronic onboarding can give you an advantage in recruitment.


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