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With recent research highlighting to the undeniable benefits of an engaged workforce, it’s important for HR teams to ensure that staff feel engaged with the company vision and culture before day one.

The first step for many HR teams seeking to drive engagement is to build a great onboarding program.
If you’ve read our whitepaper, you’ll know that there are 5 key elements that make up a great onboarding experience.

When all of these elements combine, it’s not only the new hire that benefits from a great onboarding experience


The first of these pillars is to make sure you’re getting the basics right.

A lot of organisations spend time and effort on streamlining the recruitment process, building engagement and showing culture, only to drop the ball when it comes to actually sending out the offer.

It may seem obvious, but your engagement dies the minute you ask new hires to navigate a bureaucracy of forms and enter information that’s already been captured.

The first pillar of a great onboarding program consists of the ‘hygiene’ and compliance components of onboarding.

We recently took a deep dive into each of these 5 pillars in our live webinar.

Watch the video below to hear Peter Forbes, Founder & CEO of HROnboard, provide some insight and practical advice on how to get this first pillar in place.

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