It’s official! We’ve formally announced the launch of our all new offboarding module for HROnboard. Check out our press release below to find out how we’re transforming the world of offboarding for HR.

Offboarding is a new module available within HROnboard that empowers HR to easily manage the process of an employee exiting a company.

This innovative module is the first of its kind in Australia. It significantly reduces the time spent by HR offboarding exiting employees while giving those employees a positive farewell.



With 71 per cent of organisations having no formal offboarding process at all*, CEO and Founder of HROnboard, Peter Forbes, says smart organisations are realising the benefits of streamlining the offboarding process.

“When an employee leaves a company, the offboarding process is often inconsistent, incomplete or even overlooked. If offboarding is not performed correctly,  it can lead to company data and systems being put at risk. Hacking or legal action for unfair dismissal claims are both serious issues for any organisation. A poor offboarding experience can also leave exiting employees with a bad impression of the organisation. Making it unlikely they will return or recommend the employer to their network,” said Mr Forbes.

“We are proud to launch the Offboarding module to help HR departments create a streamlined and engaging offboarding process. As the only dedicated offboarding and onboarding vendor in Australia, we understand the essential requirements for HR departments in this area.

“With an effective formal process in place, HR departments can ensure the exiting employee is treated consistently and sensitively, leaving with a lasting good impression of the company,” added Mr Forbes.

Key features of Offboarding include:

  • Guiding a legally compliant process. The Offboarding module generates documents based on Fair Work Australia guidelines for termination and certificate of service that is sent to exiting employees, to help guide a legally compliant separation.
  • Reduce Payroll and Back Office Processing. Offboarding contains workflow to allow payroll to provide important information to generate the Centrelink Separation Certificate and allows for final pay information and payment summary to be uploaded. The module also notifies internal staff to collect company assets from outgoing employees, as well as alerting the IT department to remove exiting employees from its system, ensuring the offboarding process is secure.
  • Exit Portal for leaving employees. Exiting employees login to a company portal to retrieve their exit pack as well as complete a short exit survey. Organisations can tailor the exit portal to show social information including LinkedIn groups, Alumni networks and personal messages.

Group Manager, Human Resources at Connect Hearing, Anthony Young, was so impressed with HROnboard, and the results it achieved for the business, the organisation is preparing to implement the Offboarding module.


“HROnboard has helped us streamline our onboarding process for new employees and significantly cut down the time spent on this task. We’ve achieved such fantastic results through this program that we recognised a need for a similar process to assist us with offboarding employees.

“When we have employees exit the company, our goal is to make sure they leave with the best impression of the business. One way we can do this is by providing a consistent and easy offboarding experience that is still personable despite being automated,” said Mr Young.

HROnboard creates a streamlined and engaging process for HR departments to onboard and offboard employees and contractors. The Onboarding module sits between the recruitment process and the employer’s HR department to provide a great candidate experience, reduce onboarding processing and ensure new employees are ready to start on day one.

For more information about offboarding, head to our offboarding page.

* Offboarding Leaving a Lasting Impression, 2013 Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight

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