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HROnboard for Labour Hire & Temp Agencies

When you’re placing candidates, timing is everything.
HROnboard has purpose-built functionality to help you fill temporary positions faster, giving you a competitive advantage over other agencies.

Employee onboarding software means faster placement

We know billable hours are the metric your firm lives and dies by. The faster you can get employees on site and working, the sooner you can start billing.

Electronic onboarding means offers are sent to candidates instantlyPlace employees anywhere in the world with the click of a buttonIntegrate HROnboard with your Payroll/HR systems so data is only ever typed once.

A dedicated employee onboarding process makes you:


More likely to exceed candidate performance expectations


More likely to reduce cost per placement


Increase to hiring manager satisfaction

Source: “Welcome to the 21st Century, Onboarding!” Aberdeen 2014

Free HR from paperwork & filing

Your job isn’t to shuffle menial papers. It’s to place high quality candidates where they’re needed – quickly and reliably.

All documents can be accepted, verified and stored onlineNo need to keep up to date with latest government forms (HROnboard does it all for you)Manage all your offers from one easy, accessible dashboard and never lose a candidate again.

“I would have no hesitation recommending this system to improve your onboarding systems and make more effective use of your HR team. It’s a win/win.”


– Clair, HR Manager from a retail placement agency.

Replace your candidates without unnecessary forms

When you’ve already placed a candidate in the past, you already have their details. Why delay placement by making them fill out more forms for their next role?

Use HROnboard’s Crossboarding workflow to capture only new information required for placementKeep a full history of the candidates past offers in one simple offer file

Hire for multiple entities and locations

Need a different employee onboarding workflow for each location or industry? No problem – HROnboard allows you to configure workflows that meet your business requirements and manage it all from one central account.

Create separate workflows for different locations, business units or brandsRestrict access for offers as needed for larger HR teamsManage all of offers with ease from one centralised dashboard.

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