Department of Transport (DoT) Western Australia

The Department of Transport WA (DoT) have been using HROnboard for nearly a year now, so we asked Trevor Wiseman, Manager Employee Services, to share his experiences with us.


Life before employee onboarding software

The DoT moved to HROnboard from a very manual employee onboarding process, with most of the paperwork being completed incorrectly or after the candidates start date. This was clearly a slow and inefficient process, which is why DoT were initially looking for better ways to onboard.


Part of their aim was to improve the candidate experience through the onboarding process, to help communicate their values and ensure they were seen as a progressive employer and a good choice in a competitive labour market.


Why HROnboard?

Ultimately, HROnboard was chosen as it would give new employees the best possible candidate experience when joining the DoT. Whilst the time and cost savings to HR were quite significant, it was the great experience that HROnboard and the DoT were able to create for new candidates that really set the DoT apart from other employers.


One year on

Having now hired 190 team members through HROnboard, DoT continue to have great success with not only new staff, but also in re-contracting their existing employees.


“A lot has happened when I think back over the year…we continue to get wonderful feedback from our new and now extending staff of the use of HROnboard,” says Trevor.


If you want to create a great workplace culture, effective employee onboarding is really the first step. DoT are the perfect example of this, as they focus on demonstrating their core values to the candidate and the employee throughout their entire employment.


As for the HROnboard team, we’re looking forward to another year of getting DoT candidates off to a great start!

“We are very thankful to all the [HROnboard] team for the excellent support we have received all year. Very prompt and very knowledgeable.”

– Trevor Wiseman, Manager Employee Services, Department of Transport Western Australia.

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