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Cool offices have become synonymous with technology companies. The crazier and cooler the decorations and perks, the better.

Here’s our pick of the top 10 coolest tech offices in the world:

#10 Xero


Melbourne, Australia

Xero’s Melbourne head office is a recent contender for the world’s coolest tech office in the world.

Originally hailing from New Zealand, the Accounting Software company boast band rehearsals, pool competitions and barista courses in their modern office.


#9 Adobe Systems


San Jose, USA

Rock climbing walls, awesome views and a very cool design make the Adobe Systems office an awesome place to work.

Perfect for the high number of creatives the design software builders attract!


#8 Twitter


San Francisco, USA

Games, sunlit outdoor areas, and a cool wood-themed office interior make the Twitter office a suitably cool place to work (despite their recent executive exodus).



#7 GoDaddy


Scottsdale, USA

Indoor go-karts. Need I say more?


#6 Envato


Melbourne, Australia

This stylish, natural feeling office in Melbourne’s CBD belongs to Envato, the web design tech company.

Open meeting areas, lots of greenery and plenty of colour. A bunch of tech meetups are hosted at Envato’s office, which is telling of just how popular it is!


#5 Activision Blizzard


Irvine, USA

As you’d expect from one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, there’s plenty of places to sit and play in the Activision Blizzard HQ.


#4 Salesforce


San Francisco, USA

Definitely one of the more stylish contenders, Salesforce looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

The B2B software company is moving from strength to strength, so we can expect to see a bunch more additions to the office over the next few years.


#3 Facebook


Menlo Park, USA

We’re getting into the mega-offices now, this one was designed by Frank Gehry. Facebook’s campus has every style and cool idea under the sun. The only office that can top it for cool stuff is…


#2 Google


Mountain View, USA

Arguably the inventors of the modern tech office, Google’s mix of chefs, entertainment, sport, games and technology makes them a hard office to beat in the battle of the cool.

#1 HROnboard


Ringwood, Australia

C’mon, of course we love our office the most! It’s in leafy Ringwood, we have endless food options on our doorstep, we have bean bag meeting areas, discoballs, slackbots controlling our music and more!

Feel free to get in touch if you want a tour of our office. We’re always keen to meet fun, talented people!

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