Like most people I can’t believe the year has gone so quickly – the years seem to go faster as you get older!


It’s been an incredible journey for us this year seeing our HROnboard customer base grow from 3 to over 30 customers.


For that I’d like to say a massive thank you to the Australian and New Zealand organisations that have entrusted us with their employee first impressions and onboarding process.


We feel very privileged to work with many leading organisations who want to make a real difference in the talent aquisition process.

What we did in 2014


Here’s some highlights of 2014:


  • We met a lot of fantastic people and had great feedback at 3 conferences
  • Processed more than 2500 onboards for our customers.
  • Pushed out three lolly flavoured product releases with lots of improvements
  • Created more integration options – in addition to our API’s we now support CSV import/export and specific file formats for popular HRIS
  • Our HROnboard User Guide (affectionately known as the HUG) was launched – a one stop shop for our customers to get help and resources

Our great team


We’ve grown the team and this year we’ve welcomed Tom (dev), Kelly (dev), Ben (marketing) and Anne (sales) to the team.


They join our already exceptional team in Sales (Rob and Tim) and operations (Belinda, Simone and Sarang).


You could not find a bunch of more passionate and determined people – so thank you guys!


The year ahead


Since starting HROnboard our vision has been:


In 2015 we have more improvements and features working towards that vision.


Now we can’t tell you all of what’s coming but there will be:


  • A new back office interface for managing offers
  • More powerful role and user functionality
  • More self service options for configuration of your environment
  • More partner plug-ins to enhance the onboarding experience

Again thank you to our customers for your support, feedback and shared belief in what we are doing.


We can’t wait for the new year and I wish everyone a safe and happy holidays.

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