Yesterday was a massive day at the HR Tech World Congress. There were some amazing speakers and products on display. With Wednesday now ahead, there’s still a whole day of HR insights and ideas.

We want to make sure you get the most out of your day, and whilst content on the big events at HR Tech Congress have already been published, we thought we’d dig deeper and give you some of the breakout events not to be missed.

Linking Social Technology to Employee Engagement- David Shing


“Attention will be the new currency”– David Shing

David Shing gained notoriety four years ago when he became AOL’s digital prophet. It became his role to predict emerging trends in the digital landscape.

As Shingy has correctly forecast “attention is the new currency”. People use social media everyday, and social concepts are creeping into our working lives. Whether you’re using Twitter for your personal brand, reviewing your workplace on Glassdoor, or talking with your teammates on Slack- social concepts are driving engagement in our workplace. Join David Shing to learn how to measure employee engagement through social technology.

You should also check out David Shing on Youtube. He is a man with big hair, and bigger ideas on the future of digital technology.

Streamlining HR Technology with Disney- Mathew Tyndall


Making the switch to computer animation is not the only change that has taken place at Disney. As Disney moves into the future, they know when to ‘let it go’ with their HR processes and adopt the latest technology. Mathew will be running through the changes Disney has made to their HR technology suite, what plans they have going into the future, and what HR at Disney will look like in the long term.

Disney acquired Pixar in 2006, a company known for its innovative HR practices. Disney has been implementing similar strategies in the larger company ever since. Attend this talk, and assess for yourself whether Disney is moving more towards the Pixar model.

Predictive Analytics: Creating Actionable Insights- Patrick Coolen


ABN Amro has been working on predictive HR analytics for the past three years. Patrick will share his learning and experience on some of his key research projects, helping you to focus your own analytics strategy. Patrick address your key concerns facing HR analytics: how you should implement them, which business problems and opportunities to investigate, which analytical techniques to use, and how to transform insights into action.

Implement analytics correctly in your organisation, avoid drowning in data, and learn the correct insights to chase.

Better Performance Management = Better Employer Branding- Marco Holzapfel


In 2013, Carglass GmbH introduced a new performance management as part of its internal employer branding strategy. Marco Holzapfel will give you key insights into creating a strong employer brand for your own organisation, in the context of a blue-collar working company.

Employer brand is becoming a larger factor for candidates considering their next employment opportunity. Forums, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor are making it easier for candidates to consider potential employers, and whether an organisation suits their needs. You just have to look at the Gibson Guitar Company and how a bad employer brand can lead to a negative experience for both employees and customers.

Why do Many Recruitment Strategies Fail to Deliver the Required Talent for Their Organisations? -Andy Headworth


Recruitment likes to celebrate its success, but what about the times recruitment doesn’t work out? Andy will take you through the many factors affecting recruitment, and what you can do to overcome them. Andy will cover everything to do with recruitment, from dealing with talent shortages to using social media to source.

This will be a great talk for recruiters looking to hone their craft, and HR departments that hate doing recruitment. Learning the ins and outs of recruitment make the process easier to execute, removing some of that recruiting headache HR departments often face.

Tech trends HR can’t ignore- Josh Bersin


This talk is technically in the Disrupt HR section of the HR Tech Congress, but any talk by the Godfather of HR is too important to miss. Josh Bersin will give his thoughts on the upcoming trends in tech that HR cannot afford to overlook. This is a short talk, but the insights from Josh himself will be too valuable to pass up.

If Bersin’s HR Technology report released during the HR Tech Conference earlier this month is anything to go by, Josh’s talk will give you a competitive advantage against other HR departments.

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We’ll see you at the conference!

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