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We know selecting the right HR software solution can be a headache.  Even if you know exactly what you’re looking for, there are a lot of options out there, and more than one system may be able to do what you need. So how do you choose the right solution to grow with your business? To help make the task easier, we’ve put together the top 7 questions you should be asking your HR software provider before making a decision.

How secure is employee data?

From tax file numbers to bank details, HR systems store a variety of sensitive information. With many HR systems working fully online under a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model, it’s always a good idea to question what systems the vendor has in place to help keep this data safe. One of the key certifications you should be looking for is an ISO 27001 qualification.

How is it implemented?

Getting any new system up and running can be a complicated process. With the amount of time and resource hours it can take before it’s fully functional, it’s always a good idea to get a grasp on the vendor’s implementation processes. Having a significant amount of down time between systems can be a huge detriment to productivity.

Does it play nicely with my other systems?

With cloud solutions becoming the new standard – it’s not uncommon for teams to use quite a few different HR systems for payroll, talent management and the like. Ensuring that any new piece of software integrates nicely with your current ecosystem can help to guarantee a seamless incorporation of the new platform, and ensure you’re getting the most out of the complete solution.

Who else in the industry uses the software?

It’s a good idea to put the feelers out and ask vendors about other companies in your industry who are using the software. More often than not, if there are some big hitters that are successfully using the platform, there’s no reason it won’t be a good fit for you as well. Don’t hesitate to ask for a referral either, as speaking with someone who’s using the software will give you invaluable insight!

How configurable is it?

No two businesses are the same, and your HR systems should reflect that. From forms to workflows, a new system needs to customisable to your specific needs. Once again, asking for examples and case studies from real-life examples will give you a good idea of just how personalised it can get.

Is it scalable?

In other words, can the software grow with your company? Businesses are constantly evolving to meet the shifting needs of their audience, competition, and new market opportunities. Ask about scaling and configuration abilities to reduce the likelihood of needing to repeat the buying process all over again once your company scales up and outgrows the solution you need today.

How easily can I access support?

There’s no doubt that you’ll have a few questions when getting started and whenever you need advice or help in the future. Ensuring there is a helpful team of experts who are easily contactable, is essential in getting you off to the best start.


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