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A little earlier this year, we announced our ISO 27001 certification – a means to ensure we are at the forefront of information security practices. Starting July 2017, we will be implementing the next part of our data security plan, our TLS migration.

What is TLS

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol used to establish a secure communications channel between two systems. When using HROnboard, TLS is used to create the secure connection between your computer and the HROnboard platform. This protocol protects the confidentiality and integrity of information as it is being moved.

Why We Are Migrating

In light of growing security breaches, systems like the ones your credit card uses are required to disable older versions of TLS as they are no longer considered secure. The first deadline set for this new security standards is 2018.

One of the major areas that we focus on to measure the success of our platform is the security of your data. HR professionals are privy to sensitive information, so we want to ensure we are compliant well before the deadline

How It Will Affect You

Most of the work is with us, since we need to remove support for the outdated version of TLS. Once the upgrade is complete, you’ll only be able to access HROnboard using up-to-date browsers. This means that if you’re not using one of the below browser versions (or higher), it’s likely you will have to upgrade your browser version to use HROnboard:

  • Google Chrome 22, released in 2012
  • Mozilla Firefox 27, released in 2014
  • Internet Explorer 11, released in 2013
  • Safari 7, released in 2013
  • iOS 5, released in 2011

If you need to update your browser, we recommend that you move to Chrome, since it’s the most reliable and fast browser out there.

For a fully comprehensive list of compatible web browsers, specific migration dates and in-depth information on TLS, check out the HUG.


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