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Introducing our biggest release, and you don’t even have to lift a finger!

Introducing HROnboard Bananas, bringing loads of new features, a whole new look and feel to the new hire portal and some awesome improvements to the backend of HROnboard.

Its the same intuitive HROnboard process, but with that new Bananas taste! This release has something for everyone, so check out the release notes below.

New Hire Portal Changes and Improvements

We’ve made a number of awesome changes to the new hire portal:

  • Now easier for candidates to accept their offer
  • More detailed control of your offer workflows means you can change the order of pages and acceptance
  • Improvements to the login screen

Easier New Hire Portal Workflow

  • Candidates can now easily view which page they are up to in the offer process
  • These pages are now located on the left side of the screen (instead of being at the top)
  • Each form has its own step, making it simpler to navigate and order your offers
  • You can now move pages after acceptance in the offer process (eg. forms can be completed after acceptance if required)
  • Addition of the brand promise guarantee! (you’ll only pay for candidates that have a positive onboarding experience)

Candidates can now access their offer details after acceptance

Once the offer is accepted, there are now a couple of menu options available to the candidate:

  • Home – where candidates can see their Next Steps (including LinkedIn Network, Facebook connections, maps to work and more)
  • <Company Name> – where candidates can view the Welcoming information that you’ve provided with the offer
  • My Offer – where the candidate can view the documents in their offer like contracts, tax and super forms
  • My Events – If the user has completed more than one offer workflow (eg, Onboarded when they started, then accepted new policies with a Contract Update) they can now view both in one location.

Candidate Log in Changes to make it easier

  • When candidates receive the offer email, they now simply click the link to the new portal without needing to enter a temporary/one-time password
  • Perfect for candidates accepting offers on their mobile
  • We’ve now added our HROnboard Privacy Policy to the login page

New Contact Widget for constant support during offer acceptance

  • New Hires can now ask you for help as they complete their offer by typing their questions on a field on the left of the screen
  • Contact email address will be whoever has created the offer

Back Office Improvements and Upgrades

Faster updates for legislative forms

  • HROnboard now uses Global pages
  • This means changes to TFN, SuperChoice, Kiwisaver and other forms will be rolled out to HROnboard even faster

(warning) This is a passive feature – you won’t see until we turn it on for you.


Mobile Responsive Layout

  • HROnboard is now responsive to be more user-friendly on mobiles and tablets
  • Perfect for accepting offers on the go

New Login Screen and Non-Production Environment

  • All new Login Screen
  • The non-production environment (if you have one setup) will now look Orange so you can easily tell the production and non-production environments apart.


Introduction of the Status page!

  • HROnboard Status now shown in the footer of the application (ie Server Status)

API changes

  • More detailed error handling
    • API returns more information for errors in XML
  • Validation on form fields removed for create offers
    •  Allows user to review and fix any incorrect information through the HRonboard interface rather than having to fix the date before importing
  • API Throttling to prevent concurrent requests

System Improvements

Configuration mode now available

  • This is used so HROnboard staff can put up a ‘Configuration page’ whilst they are making configuration changes to your environment.
  • Lots of infrastructure improvements to improve reliability, security and maintainability.

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