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One of our retail customers are now live with HROnboard, and it’s already making a huge difference not only to their HR workflow, but also to their commercial success – so much so that the CEO has requested we don’t share their name and risk giving away their competitive advantage!

This is the experience the HR Manager had moving to paperless employee onboarding software from their old manual system.

[The business] currently has over 900 casual employees. Our business success demands that we are able to mobilise and activate teams of staff at short notice throughout Australia.

We were finding that there was significant downtime in our Onboarding processes; which was having a direct hit on our ability to be responsive to Client needs – and given this is our competitive advantage we were looking for a cost effective solution.

Previously the onboarding process involved:

  • State Manager fills in a form for a new casual hire
  • Faxes to HR in [head office]
  • HR prepare a “welcome pack” which included the contract and a multitude of forms: ATO Tax Declaration, Super forms, Policies, Handbook, Position Description, WHS training etc.
  • The pack is completed with the contract and a cover letter
  • Sent via Express Post to the candidate
  • Candidate takes their time actioning the multitude of paperwork and then sends the documents back to us via normal post.
  • The time taken to get the paperwork back could be up to 2 weeks
  • A huge waste of time communicating with the states over where in the process we were at.

The cost of photocopying all the documents, a plastic folder, express postage and the administrative time involved all amassed to nearly $35 per onboard. It was an inefficient use of HR resources, created a poor impression of our company and didn’t enable staff to hit the ground as early as we needed them to.

  • HR Onboard has enabled us to save money in the preparation of the pack;
  • Creates a far better Employee Value Proposition for our recruits – (cutting edge, professional, efficient);
  • And most importantly, be able to reduce onboarding time from weeks to hours. This is a huge selling feature to our potential business interests.

The system is logical and easy to use – only required me to provide a one hour training session via webinar to our State Managers to master the concept. They have full visibly throughout the process of where their candidate is up to – eg “paperwork with candidate”, “candidate has accepted role”, “paperwork with payroll” and “completed”. This saves time emailing/calling the [head] office for a status update.

The support from Navigo has been fantastic. We had a consultant come out on site to train me/fine tune the system. The testing phase is easy to work with and logical. After launching the product we had more changes and improvements to implement and again the support and responsiveness from the team has been fantastic – they are professional, personable and nothing is too much trouble.

I would have no hesitation recommending this system to improve your onboarding systems and make more effective use of your HR team. It’s a win/win. In a tight labour market the system provides a huge boost to our employment branding; it appeals to all candidates but especially the tech savvy gen Y’s who don’t want to spend an hour filling in paperwork; and this is a key target market for our human resources pool.

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