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We’re all about customer service at HROnboard. We boast having HROnboard live and operational 99% of the time, and we work hard to earn the love and respect of our customers (just ask anyone lucky enough to have a ticket worked on by Sarang).

But everything was not perfect in the customer success department at HROnboard. We were using too many systems, and data on customers was getting lost or too hard to track. How could we give our customers the best possible experience if we didn’t know everything about our customers?

We moved all our customer data to Accelo, and centralised it in one platform. Having everything in one place has greatly improved our customer service, and we’re not looking back.

Why we switched to Accelo for all our customer service.

We had no way to track communications with customers between the two systems we were running prior.

Someone could be implementing onboarding for a customer, whilst another is talking to them about crossboarding. There was no visibility on these sets of communication with our customers.

We now have better perspective on the health of each customer’s account. We can see the amount of communication we’re having with a customer, and how much time we’re spending with each one.

Anyone can pick up the last communication with a customer and continue the conversation. People can go on leave, switch accounts, or we get a new employee in, and they can continue on where the previous person left off. We lose no time keeping up with our customers.

The custom business processes tie back to our core values.


One of our core values is to have a disciplined approach to everything that we do. We create processes for everything, so every job becomes a step-by-step process.

Accelo has the ability to include custom processes, and we have a couple in place already. The custom business processes bring disciple into our business operations, and made dealing with customers even easier for new employees.

We’re implementing more processes as we go along- finding every aspect of our operations that haven’t been recorded yet. Custom processes make Accelo easier to learn for new employees, and reducing the learning curve is vital in a fast growing company.

We’ve had a few new starters in the customer success department, and our custom processes have enabled them to help customers straight away.

Automation- for less time tracking, more time helping


We can spend more time fixing problems and less time logging actions in Accelo.  Our customer success team do project management, time sheets, support tickets, and scheduling all in platform. Even interactions with customers through Gmail are automatically logged through Accelo. The days of hunting for a stray email with a customer are over.

Logging everything in Accelo means we have greater insight on the time it takes to solve a ticket, the amount we’re spending on projects, and which customers require the most work. The best part of having all our data in one place is the increased scope for analytics. Accelo logs everything we do, then uses that data to plan and model future projects.

We have so much more data to use in Accelo.


More data gives us greater visibility on our customers. We use that data to serve our customers and give them an even better experience with HROnboard.

The insights from Accelo allow us to budget our time and expenditure for customers. Our customers are given accurate timelines, and no one misses out on having their account worked on. We can dedicate the right resources to each customer to get the most important projects completed first.

Our customer success team only have so many hours in the day, they want to spend it efficiently as possible.

A great example of customer visibility is the stream feature. It’s like a newsfeed for our customers. We can see everything, from emails to invoices, directly from their stream.

We can tell who is getting the most attention, make sure no one has been forgotten about, and track when a customer needs some human interaction. There can be customers that we’ve worked on recently, but haven’t contacted in a long time.

Managers can view the performance of their employees, see their output, and their number of billable hours. We can also see expected cashflow from projects, allowing us to project long-term value and help us value projects in the future.

Accelo forecasts and plans projects for us.

The program has reached the stage where Accelo is planning projects for us. Current data is used to forecast the expected cost and time of new projects.

Data supported insights on future tasks makes it easier for us to plan ahead, determining the growth of both our customers and ourselves.

HROnobard is at the stage where we’re trying to grow as much value for the business as possible. Accurate forecasting models give informed decisions about our growth.

But as important as our own growth is, Accelo helps us with what will ensure HROnboard’s long-term success:

Improving the customer relationship


Accelo helps us serve our customers better. We know where to dedicate our time, money, and skills to serve our customers. Full customer visibility means there’s no confusion on the progress of projects. Streams mean we’re always up to date with our customers. Predictive analytics give customers accurate quotes and remove nasty surprises during implementation.

Our customers love HROnboard, and we have Accelo to thank for that.

Going into the future with HROnboard and Accelo.

Accelo is a growing product and has the limitations of any new program. New features are being added all the time, and integrations are limited at the moment. However, these limitations are minuscule compared to the power of the platform. We look forward to every new feature and integration that makes using Accelo a greater experience for our customers.

If you’d like to experience Accelo yourself, you can find their website here. If you’d like to experience our awesome customer service, you can book a demo of HROnboard here.

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