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The HR Tech World London is finally behind us. It was a massive event with a whole swath of great ideas shared.

All elements of HR were covered, from hiring to talent management. The latest ideas in each areas were presented, analysed, and discussed thoroughly.

Here are the top 5 points we pulled from the social chatter surrounding HR Tech World London:

Hiring has more data, but needs to be faster

There is so much more information out there for recruiters and hiring staff to use, but the process of hiring has changed little.

The way we hire needs to change to keep pace with the modern world of business. By the time you get your offer to a candidate, it could be too late.

HR technology is used by the whole workforce

HR technology should be called workforce technology. Tools used by HR are no longer exclusive to the one department. The entire organisation uses HR technology to run more efficiently.

Highlighting the organisation-wide impact of HR technology will reinforce the value of people-driven data. Bringing workforce technology systems together creates a new world of information for organisations to work with.

The difference between agile and timeless business processes

Very few business practices need to stay the same, or can’t be automated by technology. The agile approach looks at modern business processes and throws out the red tape.

Look at the core of your business functions, decide what the end goal is, and remove any blockages that will slow employees down.

The hiring process needs to be more relationship based

Attracting top talent requires more work than a job ad and follow up calls. Organisations need to be able to nurture candidates, both active and passive. Maintaining a good relationship

Maintaining a good relationship with candidates means passive candidates will be more likely to join your organisation, and all candidates will be more engaged when they start.

Talent management opens the door to more opportunities and savings

The ROI on talent management has been proven. HR’s role in growing employees is more than anecdotal success, gut feelings, and warm and fuzzy sensations.

Organisations that use talent management have greater returns, retain staff, and create opportunities for a more diverse workforce.

The human connection is still required in HR

In this world of HR technology, the human connection has become more important than ever. Employees need to be able to match a face to a manager, and trust takes a stronger role as employees start to work more remotely.

It’s easy to overlook the human connection, and opt for what’s easy instead of what’s right. Putting in the effort to keep Human Resources ‘human’ is what makes a difference with technology.

Bonus: We came 3rd in the disruptHR start-up competition

We’re proud of our team over in London who placed us 3rd in the disruptHR start-up competition. It’s great to see so many other HR start-ups out there, striving to make a difference in the space.

We’d like to make a big shoutout to all the other HR start-ups that competed, and to everyone else we met at the conference. Book a demo of HROnboard for yourself, and check out why we placed 3rd in the competition.

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