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Navigo are pleased to announce that the latest HROnboard release – Chocolate Frog – has been launched in the trial environment.

Candidate Portal

  • To enhance the new hire experience and reinforce the importance of your company’s brand, the candidate portal has been updated to say ‘Welcome to <Company Name>,’ instead of ‘Welcome to the Candidate Portal’:


Login Screen

  • To improve the login experience for your staff and new hires, the login screen has been updated with the word ‘Onboarding,’ under your logo:


  • To ensure your staff and new hires receive the best possible user experience, an ‘Old Browser’ warning has been added onto the login screen. This message encourages HROnboard users to upgrade to the IE9 browser, if they are using the IE8 browser, or older:


Integration Functionality

In summary:

  • The Create Candidate API has been added in
  • The Alesco eRecruitment adapter has been added in
    Please Note: Configuration is required to use this feature
  • Chris21 GTR file extract functionality has been added in
    Please Note: Configuration is required to use this feature

Re-hire Functionality

  • For those companies who need to re-hire staff, we have added in new and valuable functionality, including the ability to have different contracts, questionnaires and email
    Please Note: Configuration is required to use this feature


ABN Lookup

  • HROnboard has many intelligent features that save the new hire valuable time in completing their online forms. We are excited to announce that we have added an ABN Lookup function – covering Australian companies – to the Superannuation Lookup:

super_ABN_lookup.fw (1)

Application Improvements

In summary:

  • If a payroll user is also a reviewer and they login into HROnboard, they will no longer receive a 500 error.  They will now receive a message informing them that they are logged in as the wrong user.
  • If a user clicks on an old link to an offer in HROnboard, they will now receive a message informing them of this instead of an error
  • When a candidate receives and accepts an offer, which is the returned back to the HR Reviewer, the candidate will receive a message informing them that the offer is under review, instead of an error
  • Reviewers can now reject offers if they are a HROnboard Administrator

If anyone has any questions about these release notes, please call the Navigo office on +61 3 9879 4060.

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