Liquorice Bullets is our 11th release for 2017!

In our Liquorice Bullets release, we’re continuing our efforts to streamline functionality in HROnboard.

We’re adding new functionality to ‘Tasks’, allowing them to be re-assigned to a new user or role. We’ve added new security permissions, as well as various other improvements to tasks, offboarding workflows and integration management.

We’ve outlined each of these improvements with examples to help make it clearer what we’ve changed and how it will make your experience using HROnboard even better:

New Feature: Task Reassignment

In Liquorice Bullets, we have continued our work on task functionality and permissions. There is now the ability for tasks to be reassigned to a different user or role under the ‘Tasks’ tab on the ‘Offer File’.

The new task assignee is notified when a task is allocated to them based on:

  • Notifications that are set up using the Task Creation trigger
  • The tasks that have already been created/activated
  • The new Task Assignee(s) notification recipient type is used on the notification

If you’re curious about task reassignment, please contact our amazing Customer Success team.
Please Note:  You can also get a clear visibility into the history of task assignments in the Audit Trail:

Other Task Improvements

With more HR teams decentralising onboarding to hiring managers, we know there is a growing need to be able to assign tasks to others outside of the core HR function. So now, a hiring managers details collected during offer creation can be used as the assignee. This can be done by using the ‘hiring_manager’ field from the standard template.

Please note:

  • If the manager is not already a user, a new user will be created automatically and they’ll be sent an email with login information
  • If the non-mandatory ‘hiring_manager_*’ fields are not populated, tasks will be automatically assigned to the offer owner.

When writing task descriptions, Back Office users can now use HTML markup to add customisation to the description, such as images or new font sizes – making the experience more personalised and ‘on brand’.

New Permission: Reassign Tasks

Along with the ability to reassign tasks comes control over who has access to this feature. This is controlled with the new Reassign Offer/Exit Tasks permission.

This permission will be initially granted to the Offer Administrator role.

New Permission: View Audit Trail

Viewing the Audit Trail is now controlled with the View Audit Trail permission.

This permission will initially be turned on for all roles.

New Permission: Review upload offer documents

There is a new permission ‘Manage Offer Documents,’ which allows either the offer creator or the reviewer to upload & delete any of the offer documents – including Employment Contract, Policies, Supporting Information & Internal Files. Previously this was only available to the offer creator and wasn’t an option for reviewers that may need to suggest or make changes.

By default, this will be enabled for all users with ‘Create Offer’ permission.

Upload Fields

Earlier this month, Google Chrome updated their browser, which broke our upload fields in both the Back Office and New Hire portal.

This was quickly fixed with a workaround at the time and now we’ve taken the opportunity to make the experience even better and changed our old upload field to the new drop zone, so files can easily be dragged and dropped in.

Offboarding Workflow Update

We know that every companies welcome or goodbye is a unique experience, including how you want to engage exiting employees. Previously, at the ‘ViewOffer’ stage of offboarding, the default label was set to Exit Pack Sent & Exit Survey. For teams that want alternative offboarding stages – the portal now uses the ‘ViewOffer’ stage name as the label in the portal, so this wording can be personalised across all exits.


Integration mapper files can be reordered, allowing admins to adjust the order in which integration events occur.

Other Improvements

  • Removed the logic that locks down the Forms, Documents, Audit Trail & Access tabs if a back office user has ‘Task’ access to an Offer File  – since we now have form level security
  • The letter avatars are now using the same colour for each letter eg. ‘A’s will always be the same colour
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