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The all new HROnboard is here! Go back to your childhood milk bar with a handful of 5c pieces and pick up a big bag of Milk Bottles (for those from outside Australia and New Zealand, Milk Bottles are an awesome lolly in the shape of a milk bottle, usually purchased by the kilogram and transported out of lolly shops in a large wheelbarrow).

HROnboard Milk Bottles brings even more power to you, the super user of HROnboard, with portal branding customisations, company and location configuration, easier integrations and a new way to find users and new hires within HROnboard.

Customise your portal branding

Now you can choose the exact colour, branding and logos visible in your HROnboard portal with the click of a button (no coding knowledge required).

This is particularly useful if you have more than one hiring entity and would like to setup different branding for each business.

  • Choose your own colours and logos for each portal
  • Configure multiple locations and brands
  • All new admin section to give you access to all the above features and more in coming releases!


Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.01.30 AM

Integrate with your HR apps in minutes

The all new HROnboard Marketplace allows you to connect to your recruitment, payroll and HR systems with minimal setup from inside HROnboard.

With more and more integrations being added every month, you’ll be able to connect HROnboard to more and more of your existing systems, saving time and opening up new ways for you to onboard employees.

To begin, we’ve got integrations for the following apps in our Marketplace.

  • JobAdder
  • Preceda
  • Slack
  • Webhook
  • SmartRecruiters

You can see a full list of our marketplace partners on our marketplace or in-app.


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Manage People in HROnboard with ease

We’ve created an easier way for you to find and manage your employees within HROnboard.

The all new People tab lets you search for specific people to view all of their offers and history.

  • Find employee contracts and offer files in seconds
  • Create offboards or crossboards with pre-populated employee details
  • Back office users can now receive and accept offers personally too (without needing a separate login)
  • You can now promote or demote users to Back Office users as required from within HROnboard


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Lots of improvements, tweaks and security improvements

As with every HROnboard release, we’ve made hundreds of other improvements to our app. Some you’ll notice, like a slicker user interface, and some you won’t, like our improved security and stability.

If you’re curious about these awesome little improvements (aw, aren’t you polite!), here’s a few highlights:

  • Improved the look and feel of the HROnboard portal for mobile and tablet
  • Implemented Docker for our customer instances for better security
  • Adopted WAR files for releases for easier upgrades
  • Added Google Fonts to our PDF servers so you’ve got more fonts to use in employment contracts and other documents.

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