Pineapples is our 10th release for 2017!

In pineapples, we’re continuing our efforts to streamline functionality in HROnboard.

We’re simplifying how tasks are managed and presented for both back office users and new starters, adding a new Aurion integration, as well as moving away from legacy mode in customer environments.

We’ve outlined each of these improvements with examples to help make it clearer what we’ve changed and how it will make your experience using HROnboard even better:

New feature: Aurion Integration

HROnboard now has an integration with Aurion people & payroll software.
If you’d like to learn more about the integration, please get in touch with your customer success manager.

Task Improvements

NOTE:  New Hire tasks are moving from the Offers module into Welcome Programs; if you’re currently using new hire tasks, they will continue to be supported for now.

In Pineapples, we have taken steps to improve the way tasks are managed. This includes improvements to:

  • Who tasks can be assigned to
  • The ability to create ‘blocking tasks’
  • The overall streamlining of the tasks menus.

As part of this process, Basic Tasks and Form Tasks are migrated together to a singular Tasks section.

Let’s take a look in further detail with some helpful screenshots so you can follow along with us.

For Admins

Admin Task List

All Back Office tasks are now listed here, with a few formatting changes. Tasks can still be added, edited, or removed – but there have been a few new powerful updates to how these tasks work.

New Task Types & Improvements

There are now more task options available!

  • Forms: that need to be completed can now be added as a task
  • Blocking tasks: blocking tasks will block the workflow until this task has been completed
  • Security Improvement: Tasks can now be assigned to a specific user or to a role
    • When assigning a task to a role, it will not longer give all users of that role access to the offer file – only users who already have access to the offer file will be able to complete the task

Update: ‘Tasks’ screen in the create offer process

During the create offer process, tasks will now be displayed so you can review them and add/remove tasks (if you have permission) on a per offer basis.

The formatting of this screen has also changed been updated to a table format.

Update: ‘Tasks’ Tab in the Offer File

There have been some general improvements made to the ‘Tasks’ tab in a new hire’s offer file to help make it easier to use and clearer at a glance.

The Task tab on the Offer file has been broken into Available Tasks and Not available yet tasks, so the status of the task is clearer.

Task Detail Page

All tasks now have a detailed page where you can view more information about that task.

My Tasks Page

The My Tasks page is now paginated which makes it much easier when the user has a long task list!

Legacy Mode:

In order to streamline our customers environments, we have removed the Legacy / Latest mode concept.
All customers will now be in latest mode, which means:

    • HROnboard will only display ‘Internal Files, Policies & Supporting Information’ on the Documents tab, all other documents are stored against their form
    • All customers will be able to use new Sensitive Data features. To read more about sensitive data and what this means, please see our 5 previous release notes.

Other Improvements

  • As usual, a number of bugs have been squashed and performance improvements have been deployed.
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