Sour Worms is our 9th release this year, and brings with it some exciting new features.

Designed to make HROnboard even more powerful and easy to use, the updates in ‘Sour Worms’ include new ways to visualise workflows, and powerful updates to how fields are calculated. Let’s take a look:

The new and improved Award Interpreter

The Award Interpreter is a cascading drop down feature that dynamically responds to the selection you make in previous fields. The tool enables you to configure content that encompass position titles, award and classifications, salaries etc. Your use case is only limited by your imagination or the complexity of your business structure.

This powerful addition to HROnboard is designed to make using the platform even easier and enabling you to self manage your businesses cascading variables.

For further detail on how it works, please refer to the release notes

New Feature: List of Values

A List of Values is as straightforward as it sounds. A singular list of a unique value that relates to a specific field within HROnboard. Across your team, you might have a long list of Departments, Cost Codes and License Types and Provisioning Items that you want as options when creating a new job offer.

How it works

Over time, these values may change, and you’ll need to update the possible values in the field. Similar to the Award Interpreter, the List of Values features enables you to maintain important information in real-time through a simple CSV file import.

‘Conditional List of Values’ is a feature that’s designed to make using HROnboard even easier for users. With this new update, users have great control to manage the values that populate fields.  There is also the ability to have the data in drop down fields dynamically update based on previous selections.

For further details, please see the release notes or list of values management page.

New Feature: Workflow Landing Screen

In the first release of the new Workflow Landing Screen, HROnboard can view a visual representation of the entire workflow.  This first iteration of the landing screen is designed to make it easier for you to visualise a top-down representation of your processes.

In later releases, this screen will allow users to configure parts of the workflow directly.

Sensitive Data – Restricting the API

There is now a new API Settings screen. This allows users to restrict which API calls could be used by the API key









The GetOffer API now exports ALL fields, not just the fields on the Payroll Document group
It also exports all the company & location fields for that record
It does not listen to the restricted document group access of the user.

This change will affect all users currently using the GetOffer API.

See Get Offer API for more information.

Other Improvements

As usual, a number of bugs have been squashed and performance improvements have been deployed.

If you’d like to take deeper look into the release, you can find the release notes here



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