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This week, we’ve released features to make it easier to manage and organise employment contracts and policies.

Check out this short video that explains this exciting new update:


Manage all your onboarding offer documents, in one place.

The Offer Pack library allows HROnboard administrators to self-manage the contracts, policies, and documents that form the job offer.

Need to urgently update a clause in your employment contract? No worries! You can make the changes to the contract and upload it, all ready for the next offer to send.


Other features of the Offer Pack Library include:

  • Manage document templates for contracts, policies, supporting information, and internal documents
  • Set-up business rule logic to determine what documents are used in job offers – for example, use the casual employment agreement when the department matches retail stores
  • Update and upload files to the Offer Pack Library
  • Have a single source of truth for all contracts and policies across your organisation  


And of course, we’re here to help you create an amazing onboarding experience.

So if you need some extra help or advice, our Customer Success gurus are here to lend a hand.

This is just the start of many enhancements to the HROnboard experience we’ll be rolling out this year. We’re thankful to our community and customers for their input and feedback to help us create amazing onboarding experiences.

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