With the turn of the new financial year, we’ve continued making improvements to how sensitive data is managed. With all the essential data that’s stored in HROnboard, it’s important to ensure that you have control over who can access specific information. With this month’s ‘Picnic’ release we’ve added a bunch of new features to help you manage your data more securely.

Here’s what’s new:

New feature: Internal Files

We know that when you’re onboarding a new employee, you collect quite a bit of sensitive data. Some of this data is not ideal (or necessary) for the new hire to see – such as interview notes and salary negotiations. The new Internal Files feature gives you a safe place to store and manage this information, with only back office users able to view the data.

For a rundown of how it works, check out the release notes

Improving How Sensitive Data Is Managed

To help further protect the privacy of sensitive information, some changes have been made to what happens when you export data as a CSV file. Now, when exporting data as a CSV, HROnboard will be able to restrict the information based on the access the user has been given to specific forms.

Check out the release notes for handy screenshots to show you Export CSV’s new home.

Offer File PDF Updates

To store employee files outside of HROnboard, in the past merged documents would need to be manually edited to remove sensitive or irrelevant information and was restricted to the payroll users.

We know this process was no picnic in the park, so we’ve updated the feature.

The new and improved ‘offer file pdf’ feature allows any user to download a merged pdf which contains all the forms for a specific job offer. The downloaded document will only include the forms they have permission to access.

The improvement will save time in editing the downloaded content and ensure employee data is managed securely.

Read more in the release notes.

Other Improvements

A number of bugs have been squashed and performance improvements have been deployed. We’ve also updated The Fair Work Statements & Super Choice Instructions to meet legislative requirements.


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